Welcome to Headcycle
This is a very short and very simple introduction to Headcycle.
We can't cover everything here, but hopefully this will explain the basics.
last updated: 2023.7.03
Top level posts are one of the following:
  • Text - Text posts are...text, but they can also include images (more on that later)
  • Link - Link posts are direct links to other sites
  • Image - Image posts are for one uploaded image
  • Video - Video posts are for videos (see below for supported video sites)
Unlike one of the sites that shall not be named (ootstsnbn) Headcycle is best viewed in landscape.
The reasons for this are many, but here's a good summation.
​Basically videos (see Momma Bear and Cubs Part 3) and images (see any post in /h/f8andbethere) look much better when in landscape - not just on Headcycle, but in life.
With that said portrait is fine...you know, phones...but you can turn your phone 90°s.
When viewing Headcycle in portrait mode on a device with a small screen links will appear in a dropdown menu accessed from a traditional hamburger menu icon in the upper right corner.
When viewing in landscape the sidebar menu will appear to the right of the content.
There are a few things that improve viewing images and videos:
  • Clicking/tapping on an image will make it full screen with mouseover or touch pan and tilt - here's a good example of an ultrawide image and here's an image with tilt
  • When logged in the side menu toggle icon will collapse the right menu, which allows the content to flow to the maximum width of the display
  • Changing the theme to "Night" by clicking the theme icon in the hamburger menu or the setting menu
  • Viewing Headcycle in landscape ; )
There are 4 basic groupings or "views":
Each view has a wordcloud which is a size based representation (larger is more frequent use) of words in top level posts in that view.
The overall Headcycle word cloud uses posts from the last 7 days.
Word clouds of specific headcycles, domains, and users use the last 50 posts.
Each view is ordered by popularity (based on votes over time) by default or new (chronological in descending order by time posted) when clicking the "new" tab.
There are 3 Headcycle layouts:
  • Default - Displays the title and thumbnail or icon of top level posts
  • Compact - Displays only the title (no thumbnail or icon) of top level posts
  • Expanded - Displays the title, thumnail or icon, and the initial top level post, which can be text, an image, or a video (or an image/video and text)
To switch between layouts click the eye icon which can be found next to the search box (for non logged in users) or in settings via the gear icon (desktop) or hamburger menu (in the app or mobile browser).
Will will initially see the themes menu, click "Select Layout" and choose your preference from the dropdown menu.
HEADCYCLES (small h)
In Headcycle's main view you'll see a list of posts, each of which have been posted to a headcycle (small h).
You can alter the content you see in Headcycle's main view ("Popular") by going to the big list of headcycles or the individual headcycle and clicking the Subscribe or Unsubscribe button.
headcycles can be viewed by going to headcycle.com/h/<whatever>
So if you go to headcycle.com/h/politics you're going to see a lot of stories about today's politics.
headcycles are an idea of interest - some are very literal (baseball), some are very broad (teachinglearning), some are more specific (ilovemycatharry - btw, this doesn't exist), and some are most esoteric (thembatsissmart).
headcycles can be private, with only approved members being able to see that headcycle's content.
headcycles have moderators who are basically curators of that headcycle's content.
Thumbnails of posts in headcycles marked "not suitable for work" (NSFW) are obscured in Headcycle's main view and the search (using a "NSFW" icon instead).
To see the actual icons go to the post or headcycle itself (just get ready for nudity or gore) and posts to NSFW headcycles are marked as NSFW in red.
Users can create a maximum of three headcycles and are automatically a moderator.
Users can be a moderator of up to three headcycles.
Users who have created a headcycle can add and remove moderators, but again users can be a moderator of up to three headcycles maximum.
Moderators can also renounce their moderator status of a headcycle.
Headcycle's (big H) Administrator account is automatically a moderator of all headcycles (small h) and cannot be removed.
All views are a list of top level posts.
Comments are...comments on the top level post which can be posted and viewed on a post's main page, for example Books I Should Have Read.
Top level posts can include images (.jpg only) which can be embedded in top level posts by clicking on your images below the input box.
Two (very old) examples - Replace your Laptop with an Android Tablet *for 90% of what you do and 6 Great Commodore 64 Games (c64) and how to Play them on your Phone, Tablet, or Desktop.
Comments cannot contain images.
Top level posts and comments use markdown formatting, instructions for which can be viewed by clicking on formatting help below the input box.
Many sites have not included the ability to downvote, but we believe this is a mistake.
For posts and comments that contribute nothing to the discussion or are completely off topic, downvotes are entirely acceptable.
Please do not downvote a post or comment based solely on opinion.
If you do not agree with a post, instead of downvoting it - respond.
Obviously we cannot monitor this and some users will abuse downvoting.
To limit abuse downvotes can only be cast once every three minutes after a users last vote (up or down).
Users can send each other private messages in messages (account and logged in status required).
When a users sends you a private message or responds to one of your posts or comments your envelope will turn orange.
Once you've read the new private message or viewed the new comment replies your envelope will return to normal.
Blocking users was never a requested function, but...we sort of knew that at some point it would be required.
There are two parts to blocking a user:
  1. The Blocker
  2. The Blockee
Users can block other users from messages.
The Blocker will see any post or comment of the Blockee in a condensed format, which can be expanded.
The Blockee will not see any post or comment made by the Blocker (except in the case where the Blocker creates a headcycle).
Blockees (the person who was blocked) are prohibited from sending private messages to the Blocker.
We STRONGLY advise against blocking a user for their opinions (this goes for downvotes as well) but in the rare case where blocking is required it should be used.
If a user has become incredibly awful please contact the administrator at /h/help.
To display visual context menus of the current page click "site guide" in the site's footer (or add "?siteguide=true" to the current url) or start the site guide from the beginning.
For simple questions on how to use Headcycle please check out /h/help.
If you have a more complex problem send us a message at /help.
If you've found a bug please report it to /h/bugs.
Video posts to the following sites will automatically be embedded the video in your post:
  • youtube.com
  • vimeo.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • streamable.com
  • Any video hosted on Mega.nz (use direct link)
  • Direct links to videos not on this list - Please make sure your video has an .mp4 ​extension and that it's publically accessible
So when anyone on the Headcycle team attempts to explain what it is the conversation usually goes something like this (apologies to script writers for not doing this in proper script format):
Headcycle Team: Yeah, it's like ootstsnbn but for adults. There's no one to follow, no profile pics, the interface is as basic as you can get, and its got a good search.
Gorgeous Woman or Handsome Man: That sounds cool. Is there an app?
Headcycle Team: No.
Gorgeous Woman or Handsome Man: Oh...<silence>
The Headcycle Android app is complete and is currently in testing in the Google Play Store.
If you would like to try the pre-release you can do so here.
The Headcycle iOS app will happen relatively soon...
With that said Headcycle is great in...you know, a browser.
Also, please try the search : )
- the headcycle team