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re: How They Wrote Breaking Bad - YouTube (youtube.com) submitted by philotaylor
zonafiscally's reply 1 day ago

Visually, the show mixes the surreal with the real. One such moment that I’m thinking of was in season two, where the opening sequence is a Mexican-style music video.

re: How The Birth Of Japanese Audio Technology Changed The World (youtube.com) submitted by 1200mk2
zonafiscally's reply 64 days ago

I liked the documentary. Nice one!

re: ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) (youtube.com) submitted by bogey
zonafiscally's reply 152 days ago

Can't wait to see the movie. The trailer makes me impatient... :))

re: Our oceans broke heat records in 2018 and the consequences are catastrophic (theguardian.com) submitted by kermit
zonafiscally's reply 159 days ago

This is scary. Besides the fact that the heating of oceans is causing tremendous problems for sea life, particularly coral reefs, the warming waters also make storms more powerful. And so many other catastrophic disasters for all living creatures...

re: New Research Shows That The World’s Oceans Are Heating Up Even Faster Than Predicted | Evolving Science (evolving-science.com) submitted by duncanfatt
zonafiscally's reply 193 days ago

2018 was a record-breaking year for ocean temperatures - the warmest since scientists started keeping track (in mid-1950s).

re: The Ugly History of Cosmetic Surgery | Ancient Origins (ancient-origins.net) submitted by johnburnette122
zonafiscally's reply 218 days ago

I couldn't help myself and I clicked on the first two links in the article to see the transformation of those women from Swan and Extreme Makeover. I'm amazed and scared in the same time. I mean, so many interventions... omg!

re: New Study Shows Error Recognition In Humans Traced To Single Neurons | Evolving Science (evolving-science.com) submitted by duncanfatt
zonafiscally's reply 231 days ago

Interesting article. The researchers now also say that their work may enhance the understanding of other, relevant brain processes such as memory, cognition and behavioral self-regulation in certain situations and the future of their study.

re: Trump: Give Me a Wall or I’ll Close the Southern Border (nymag.com) submitted by eugene
zonafiscally's reply 237 days ago

So basically, he will not sign a stop-gap spending bill unless his proposed border wall on the US-Mexico border is funded... Great move :\

re: "Everybody Street" - Street Photography (shutterbug.com) submitted by drtom
zonafiscally's reply 237 days ago

I tried to watch, but the video is unavailable... :/

re: National Geographic's Best Pictures of 2018 (nationalgeographic.com) submitted by niepce
zonafiscally's reply 251 days ago

I must admit the ones with animals and nature are pretty awesome, but to be honest, the other ones are not so special without the story behind them (that mini description under the pictures).

re: "Everybody Street" - Street Photography (shutterbug.com) submitted by drtom
zonafiscally's reply 264 days ago

The movie is 85 minutes in length so make sure you have the time to watch it with the care it deserves!
I loved it.

re: Dave Chappelle - killing them softly (youtube.com) submitted by grotted
zonafiscally's reply 265 days ago

Kevin Hart, who was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world on the annual Time 100 list, considers Chappelle to be the greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

I love both of them :)

re: Dave Chappelle - killing them softly (youtube.com) submitted by grotted
zonafiscally's reply 265 days ago

Dave is the youngest comedian to have made it to the Comedy Central’s list of 100 greatest stand-ups, ranked at #43 on the list, as he was just 32-years at that time.

re: Latest Discovery Has Revealed How Egyptian Pyramids Were Built | Evolving Science (evolving-science.com) submitted by duncanfatt
zonafiscally's reply 269 days ago

According to an announcement by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, last week, this “unique system” was behind the mystery of the Great Pyramid that stood 139 meters tall (456 feet). This is also probably the first time that the archaeologists have discovered physical evidence of the use of a large transport system, meant for the pyramids’ construction.

re: 'Unfit to be president': Full text of House impeachment resolution on Trump (nbcnews.com) submitted by lyndonb
zonafiscally's reply 34 days ago

I'm still waiting for Bush and Cheney to be arrested and put on trial for war crimes and torture. Don't hold your breath with Trump. The rich and powerful never get punished for committing crimes (unless the crime is against another rich person).