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re: Watch the first full trailer for Jordan Peele’s surreal Twilight Zone reboot ( submitted by djfrodo
philotaylor's reply 63 days ago

Unfortunately as a Verge commenter pointed out this is only going to be on CBS All Access, which means about 3 people will watch. It going to have to be better than "really, really good" to get people to pay for another streaming service.

re: Sinclair's script for stations ( submitted by philotaylor
philotaylor's reply 390 days ago

Here's a PBS segment on this as well:

re: In 60 Seconds, A 'Daily Show' Guest Brilliantly Exposed The Danger Of 'Post-Truth' ( submitted by philotaylor
philotaylor's reply 708 days ago

Just watched the full episode - it's pretty good.

re: Bob Odenkirk on 'Better Call Saul' and the Return of Gus Fring ( submitted by administrator
philotaylor's reply 747 days ago

Oh hell yes I'm ready for BCS season 3.

I'd seen the video before but I actually enjoy the original sequence much more.

From the instant Gus gets out of the car (with the weird sound effects and the clanging of the flag pole in the background) and the music starts until the end is TV magic.

The vid is good for those who've have seen the show and it gives a nice recap of everything that went on up until that point, but I'll take the original.

I'm also really glad they brought back Hector Salamanca.