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re: To Live and Die in L.A.(1985) - Theatrical Trailer ( submitted by bogey
niepce's reply 39 days ago

I agree, check this movie out. As I've said before, for some William Petersen and 80s goodness I'd also checkout Manhunter

re: Dazed and Confused Intro "Sweet Emotion" ( submitted by bogey
niepce's reply 66 days ago

If you're an intro credits geek (maybe a big fan a Saul Bass?) this is definitely up there in terms of subtlety, simplicity, and setting up almost everything you're going to need about the movie you're about to watch, and it's characters.

It also let's you know you're in good hands from...well, even before the first shot (the sun rising with the bass in the background, then the click to "Gramercy Pictures Presents" for the second time, and then the drums hit, orange car, etc.).

All that and it's only 2:17.