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re: Charlie Murphy Dead at 57 ( submitted by whatthefcuk
langhorne's reply 893 days ago

Chapelle show seriously took a dive in...what was it, season 3? But this clip makes up for it. I'm sure there are many, many stories about Prince in the same vein as Bill Murray stories a la "No one will ever believe you".

re: Key & Peele - Obama and Luther's Farewell Address - Uncensored - YouTube ( submitted by djfrodo
langhorne's reply 985 days ago

This is so good. I love the fact they didn't really beat around the bush at all.

Obama: "It's more imperative than ever, that we move on as a country united - "

Luther: "United in the fact that we can't fuckin' stand each other!"


Obama: "And now, a time cherished tradition, is that the out going [president], that's me, leaves the incoming president a little note in the desk of the oval office. Of course, it's completely confidential"

Luther reads letter: "Go fuck yourself"

Obama: "Until now"


Obama: "In summation...thanks America, it's been real, it's been good, but it ain't been real good"

Luther: "Apparently, orange is the new black. Good luck with your healthcare assholes! I'm out"

Obama: "Peace"

and, finally,

Luther: "I got my eye on you pussy grabber."