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re: The cutting Edge The Magic of Movie Editing (Full Documentary) ( submitted by niepce
jeannie's reply 77 days ago

Great insights. I never thought about the collaborative process of the director and editor, but thought of them as pigeon-holed.

re: Aretha Franklin - I say a little prayer ( submitted by ladyday
jeannie's reply 185 days ago

Her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors was stupendous. I am so glad we captured her mature look, energy and quality. She could sing AND play.

re: Thai Cave Rescue to Become Film From 'God's Not Dead' Producers ( submitted by bogey
jeannie's reply 225 days ago

Agreed. A heavy dose of sentimentality is to be expected.

re: Headed for Home (self.f8andbethere) submitted by drtom
jeannie's reply 247 days ago

Gorgeous shot. Enjoy the horsies and cows while you can.

re: Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4 ( submitted by jimi14
jeannie's reply 276 days ago

Makes me want to see a new Muppet Movie if Feist is in it.

re: Indi: Bettman&Halpin - Bluestem ( submitted by drtom
jeannie's reply 276 days ago

I can't get this to play.

re: The Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( submitted by donisthorpe
jeannie's reply 276 days ago

Love their enthusiasm and work ethic. Amazing that all was hand-drawn - no computers.

re: THE WIKISINGER ( submitted by 1200mk2
jeannie's reply 277 days ago

Wow! How is this done? And what is reverb?

re: Senate Votes 52 47 Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules, May 16 2018 ( submitted by hal9000
jeannie's reply 280 days ago

Exactly the problem! The House has no plans to take up Net Neutrality.

re: Get Out — A New Perspective in Horror ( submitted by donisthorpe
jeannie's reply 358 days ago

Wow. This essay has some great insights into Get Out. Thanks.

re: Shortstop Carlos Correa proposed during the post-game ceremonies ( submitted by sportsguy
jeannie's reply 476 days ago

Too cute! I really like those guys. They are terrific athletes and also appear to be close teammates and savvy media guys..

re: NFL Protest (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
jeannie's reply 498 days ago

At a Physical Therapy class last week, I heard a fellow classmate bemoaning the athlete protests as being at the 'wrong venue'. Your examples above of alternative 'venues' or platforms are excellent.

Protest and conflict are messy: Colin Kapernick is not a perfect role model. But there is a growing awareness of the real mis-treatment and prejudice against blacks more than 150 years after the Civil War. I say hurray for the players - they found a venue with huge media coverage.
I also agree with the comment from djfrodo that both the military and the NFL, a quasi-military organization, have infused patriotism into football games, as well as other USA sports.

re: Jim Carrey: I Needed Color ( submitted by chauvetcave
jeannie's reply 557 days ago

Loved it. His number of paintings is amazing and I like quite a few. A talented guy in many genres...

re: LIGHTNINGFACE (starring Oscar Isaac) ( submitted by bogey
jeannie's reply 563 days ago

Good trailer! Does he become the monkey?

re: The Conversation (self.movies) submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 570 days ago

Okay, I want to watch it!