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Donald Trump Makes Golf Look Bad (
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Two of the best animals (self.f8andbethere)
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How Google Took Over the Classroom (
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Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person (
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re: Sesame Street: Feist sings 1,2,3,4 ( submitted by jimi14
jeannie's reply 4 days ago

Makes me want to see a new Muppet Movie if Feist is in it.

re: Indi: Bettman&Halpin - Bluestem ( submitted by drtom
jeannie's reply 4 days ago

I can't get this to play.

re: The Making of Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( submitted by donisthorpe
jeannie's reply 5 days ago

Love their enthusiasm and work ethic. Amazing that all was hand-drawn - no computers.

re: THE WIKISINGER ( submitted by 1200mk2
jeannie's reply 6 days ago

Wow! How is this done? And what is reverb?

re: Senate Votes 52 47 Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules, May 16 2018 ( submitted by hal9000
jeannie's reply 9 days ago

Exactly the problem! The House has no plans to take up Net Neutrality.

re: Get Out — A New Perspective in Horror ( submitted by donisthorpe
jeannie's reply 87 days ago

Wow. This essay has some great insights into Get Out. Thanks.

How I started writing songs again - Sting (
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9 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2018 (
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re: Shortstop Carlos Correa proposed during the post-game ceremonies ( submitted by sportsguy
jeannie's reply 205 days ago

Too cute! I really like those guys. They are terrific athletes and also appear to be close teammates and savvy media guys..

re: NFL Protest (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
jeannie's reply 227 days ago

At a Physical Therapy class last week, I heard a fellow classmate bemoaning the athlete protests as being at the 'wrong venue'. Your examples above of alternative 'venues' or platforms are excellent.

Protest and conflict are messy: Colin Kapernick is not a perfect role model. But there is a growing awareness of the real mis-treatment and prejudice against blacks more than 150 years after the Civil War. I say hurray for the players - they found a venue with huge media coverage.
I also agree with the comment from djfrodo that both the military and the NFL, a quasi-military organization, have infused patriotism into football games, as well as other USA sports.

Pictures Of How Cats See The World (
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re: Jim Carrey: I Needed Color ( submitted by chauvetcave
jeannie's reply 286 days ago

Loved it. His number of paintings is amazing and I like quite a few. A talented guy in many genres...

re: LIGHTNINGFACE (starring Oscar Isaac) ( submitted by bogey
jeannie's reply 291 days ago

Good trailer! Does he become the monkey?

re: The Conversation (self.movies) submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 299 days ago

Okay, I want to watch it!

re: Le clitoris - Animated Documentary (2016) ( submitted by melblanctunes
jeannie's reply 333 days ago

Charming. And true.

re: California Ignores Trump And GOP, Unveils It's Own 'Single-Payer' Healthcare Plan ( submitted by lyndonb
jeannie's reply 348 days ago

There IS hope! Attacking the Big Pharma costs is an important part of this plan. Hope it flies and gives the rest of the states a run for the money!

re: Real Fake News - Opera vs. Trump (Rossini Edition) ( submitted by jeannie
jeannie's reply 354 days ago

Thanks, Jan and Steve Berger.

re: Fishing Saved My Life! - YouTube Stars | N.O.D.R. | American Elements ( submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 354 days ago

Warm and funny. thanks!

Why Do They Hate Her? (
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re: New York Subway Scenery in 1970s ( submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 357 days ago

I did walk around NYC in 1978. It was fun - amazingly dirty and unkempt - but simpler and less glitzy,

re: Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin ( submitted by drtom
jeannie's reply 359 days ago

Reminds me of Joan Baez.

re: VST in Reason ( submitted by 1200mk2
jeannie's reply 361 days ago

Add an 'n' to known?

re: The Beatles - A Day In The Life ( submitted by jimi14
jeannie's reply 364 days ago