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re: The Citizens United ruling broke American democracy at the start of the decade. It never recovered ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 58 days ago

This is the real corruption. I wish Warren and others would call it out directly, rather than referring in general to corruption.

re: The cutting Edge The Magic of Movie Editing (Full Documentary) ( submitted by niepce
jeannie's reply 1 year ago

Great insights. I never thought about the collaborative process of the director and editor, but thought of them as pigeon-holed.

re: Aretha Franklin - I say a little prayer ( submitted by ladyday
jeannie's reply 1 year ago

Her performance at the Kennedy Center Honors was stupendous. I am so glad we captured her mature look, energy and quality. She could sing AND play.

re: Thai Cave Rescue to Become Film From 'God's Not Dead' Producers ( submitted by bogey
jeannie's reply 1 year ago

Agreed. A heavy dose of sentimentality is to be expected.