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re: Biden blames Trump for riot, announces attorney general nomination ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 198 days ago

AND, he's clear forceful and has no malapropisms. I am inspired to learn that he stuttered as a child. That he overcame is a gift!

re: Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk ( submitted by 1200mk2
jeannie's reply 233 days ago

Love it! Swing is back.

re: Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL ( submitted by jeannie
jeannie's reply 259 days ago

Brilliant and funny!

re: Papa was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations ( submitted by 1200mk2
jeannie's reply 319 days ago

A magnificent song. The pain of the children asking their mama if it were true what they had heard... with the orchestral arrangement bedim them. Whoever says that blacks in mid-century America were just having sex, doing drugs and didn't care about family should listen tot this song!

re: Don't Talk (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 328 days ago

Wow! The contrast of the sky and the strongly-lit building is startling. And the 'no parking' sign is omnipresent.

re: Colorado Purchased 100K COVID-19 Tests From South Korea and 'Kept It Under Wraps' to Avoid Feds Seizure, Says Governor ( submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 1 year ago

So, if I were a governor, I would do exactly what the MD and CO governors did! they are trying to protect the people in their states and with a dysfunctional federal govt. they have to be entreprenurial. Good for Larry Hogan and Jared Polis!

re: The David Rubenstein Show: Anthony Fauci ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 1 year ago

What a charmer is Tony (Dr.) Fauci. This is an interview long before the current pandemic, but he's been working on infectious diseases for more than 35 years! AND he's a Jesuit-educated product.