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re: Without the Great Calculator Race of the 1970s, there would be no iPhone (qz.com) submitted by hal9000
hal9000's reply 19 days ago

Yeah I had one of those early Sharp calculators, it was awesome. What's amazing is how TI cornered the market and their cals still cost $100. The only good graphing calculator is the Casio.

re: deleted (alphabet-learning.ml) submitted by programmingprogram
hal9000's reply 317 days ago

Um...I think you have a problem with Tunnel 9bbae188.ngrok.io not found there chief.

re: laptop for business and personal use | here is the list to help you (randomclickzz.com) submitted by abhishek_kundan
hal9000's reply 332 days ago

Isn't this a repost from like...yesterday?

re: Senate Votes 52 47 Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules, May 16 2018 (c-span.org) submitted by hal9000
hal9000's reply 364 days ago

No. Not a chance in hell, I don't think. If the House does vote to reinstate it has to be signed by the President.

I don't see that happening.

re: FCC Votes To Begin Rollback Of Net Neutrality Regulations : The Two-Way (npr.org) submitted by hal9000
hal9000's reply 736 days ago

Here's a list of Net Neutrality Violations: A Brief History just so we can all get ready for the future.

re: Night Theme (self.headcycle_news) submitted by administrator
hal9000's reply 847 days ago

Dude, you killed it with the Night Theme, nice one.

My eyes are thankful.

It's actually better than the default theme...sorry but it's true.