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re: Trump administration rolls back Obama-era healthcare protections for transgender people and abortion access ( submitted by eugene
grotted's reply 1 year ago

“Did Obama do it? Did it help Americans? Ok let’s undo that.”

re: Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds Of Love ( submitted by djfrodo
grotted's reply 1 year ago

You have my upvote! Thank you, this song brings back memories :D

re: American Political Science Association Wins Best Paper for Analyzing Trump Voters and Chaos ( submitted by eugene
grotted's reply 2 years ago

"The temptation to return to chaos is strong. It may be all this president* has left, and that is very far from a good thing."

re: Ansel Adams’ pictures of Los Angeles recall an era of war factories and 10-cent hot dogs ( submitted by niepce
grotted's reply 3 years ago

I love this. These photos aren't total winners but you can see what he was going for in most. It's also comforting that even Ansel Adams can't just pick up any camera and shoot anything, it takes time and practice when trying something new, and a lot of luck sometimes.

re: Measles Cases Soared Up 30 Percent Worldwide Because of People Skipping Vaccination ( submitted by grotted
grotted's reply 3 years ago

Sadly, this isn't natural selection. This is idiot parents choosing it for helpless children.

re: Terry Crews Breaks Down His 10 Most Iconic Characters ( submitted by bogey
grotted's reply 3 years ago

Terry Crews is really a gem. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was so funny and his head-movement in the song part of White Chicks really became a meme. His courage when he mentioned his sexual assault should be followed, hard that it can happen to anyone.

re: Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company to Sell DIY Repair Kits to Its Customers ( submitted by djfrodo
grotted's reply 3 years ago

Interesting idea from Motorola, people that likes to do their own repairs are going to love it but lazy people probably not. Actually, it will depend on what needs to be fixed. If installation is too complicated I think I would just hire someone else that has the experience to install complex parts and not ruin my phone, I would totally break it.

re: His last dance ( submitted by drtom
grotted's reply 3 years ago

Sad news, can't believe I just fund about it here from all places in the internet. His movies are still good to watch now if you enjoy good movies. I would recommend The Last Emperor and The Conformist (as djfrodo mentioned) besides Last Tango in Paris.