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re: ICE ON FIRE Official Trailer (2019) HBO Documentary (youtube.com) originally posted by kermit
godlike's reply 3 years ago

Unfortunately, "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."

Fortunately, "Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Ice On Fire’ Is A Climate Change Documentary That Won’t Leave You Hopeless"

re: Without the Great Calculator Race of the 1970s, there would be no iPhone (qz.com) originally posted by hal9000
godlike's reply 4 years ago

In the 1970s the cost -- and size -- of calculators tumbled. Business tools became toys; as a result prestige tech companies had to rapidly diversify into other products -- or die! This is the story of the 1970s great calculator race... Compact electronic calculators had been around since the mid-1960s, although 'compact' was a relative term. They were serious, expensive tools for business. So it was quite a breakthrough in 1967 when Texas Instruments presented the Cal-Tech: a prototype battery powered 'pocket' calculator using four integrated circuits. It sparked a wave of interest. Canon was one of the first to launch a pocket calculator in 1970. The Pocketronic used Texas Instruments integrated circuits, with calculations printed on a roll of thermal paper. Sharp was also an early producer of pocket calculators. Unlike Canon they used integrated circuits from Rockwell and showed the calculation on a vacuum fluorescent display. The carrying handle was a nice touch!