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re: Manchin says he will not vote for Build Back Better: 'This is a no' ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 29 days ago

So, the coal baron from West Virginia who made the Democrats bend over backwards and reduce what was originally a $6T bill down to $1.75T (for things like child tax credits, green news jobs, and a ton of other stuff) went on Fox News to tell democrats (his own party) that he's a hard "no" on the BBB, saying he "tried everything" but just couldn't do it.

I also love how, according to Manchin, it was his constituents that didn't want the bill - the very people that would get hurt the most if the bill didn't pass.

Got it. I think his "constituents" are himself and every fossil fuel company he got his campaign donations from...but that's just a guess.

re: Rep. Paul Gosar is censured by House for violent anime video ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 60 days ago

It seems after he was censured he posted the video again and then quickly took it down.

This guy is a lunatic.

re: White House says rising gas prices make case for green energy ( submitted by slipt
eugene's reply 64 days ago

And your point here is? Fox News is such a joke.

re: Biden speech today: President announces new COVID vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans in live press conference ( submitted by jenner
eugene's reply 129 days ago

Many major corporations have lauded Biden for doing their own gain.

Now, instead of Microsoft or Walmart having to deal with the issue they can just say, "It's the law" and employees can hate Biden instead of their employer.

With that said, it's the right move, and the one that should have been taken about 18 months ago.

"Free market" republicans' heads have already begun to explode over's kind of interesting to watch.

re: Rand Paul Swears There’s an Innocent Explanation for Not Disclosing His Wife’s COVID Stocks for 16 Months ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 131 days ago

Jesus christ, really grasping at straws to discredit one of the few good senators we have

You think Rand Paul, of all one of the better ones?

re: Biden administration sets up mass Covid vaccination site for Afghan evacuees ( submitted by jenner
eugene's reply 142 days ago

Politically this is a smart move.

Imagine if the refugees from a war torn nation, that the U.S. helped create, are more vaccinated than "true Americans".

I think some people's head's are going to explode.

re: Facebook’s Next Target: The Religious Experience ( submitted by 0110100001100011
eugene's reply 175 days ago

Face Book has to expand somehow.

The most interesting part of the article is the ending.

Btw, Sam Collier is the pastor of Hillsong.

For churches like Hillsong Atlanta, the ultimate goal is evangelism.

“We have never been more postured for the Great Commission than now,” Mr. Collier said, referring to Jesus’ call to “make disciples of all nations.”

He is partnering with Facebook, he said, “to directly impact and help churches navigate and reach the consumer better.”

“Consumer isn’t the right word,” he said, correcting himself. “Reach the parishioner better.”

re: All California Public School Students Have Access to Free Meals ( submitted by jenner
eugene's reply 200 days ago

This is great, let's make it a nation wide program, just without the sugary snacks.

re: GOP threatens to boycott future presidential debates ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 201 days ago

The GOP is, in some respects, absolutely amazing in that they always, always, stick together.

Anything truly verboten, and you're out.

They're also very good at knowing when they have the votes on any bill, so they can trot out Susan Collins, or Lisa Murkowski to vote for bills, just to show that they're "Bipartisan".

re: Biden to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021 - The Washington Post ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 203 days ago

Wow, old post.

I think we'll be back in the Middle East, probably sometime after 2024 or 2028, but I would be it will be somewhere else (no idea where).

Until then we'll probably just use drone strikes in Afghanistan.

re: Kamala’s Border Visit Quickly Goes South – Harris Snaps, Aides Quit, And She Misses Border ( submitted by dailyconservative
eugene's reply 203 days ago

So I decided to check this out and weren't kidding.

As of now the top "popular" story is - "Trump Just Went After Obama And Biden – Trump Calls On Attorney General Bill Barr To Charge Them", so it's just a liiiiitle bit out of date.

re: Chomsky: Republicans Are Willing to Destroy Democracy to Retake Power ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 212 days ago

Stay in your lane, sir.

This makes zero sense. Chomsky cowrote Manufacturing Consent

I would say to unclewillard "Stay in your lane, sir"

re: Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco ( submitted by fleathekey
eugene's reply 1 year ago

And your point is...what, exactly?

re: FBI issues subpoena for Texas AG records after whistleblower allegations: report ( submitted by fleathekey
eugene's reply 1 year ago

This guy is definitely fishing for a pardon, and he's so corrupt the FBI is gunning for him.

At this point I have no idea what's in Trump's mind, but I'll bet this guy gets a pardon before January 20th 2021.

re: Supreme Court rejects Texas' and Trump's bid to overturn election ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 1 year ago

Could you imagine what would happen if states could sue each other over anything they didn't like?

California would be suing every other state over car emission standards, New York would sue every other state over gun rights, and 1/3 of the states would get sued over legal weed laws.

This was one of the worst suits ever to be put before the Supreme Court.

re: Trump Campaign Attacks Joe Biden for Not Having COVID-19 ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 1 year ago

When I first saw a mention of this I didn't believe it either, but just for fun...I looked it up.

I was absolutely shocked, but then...not so much.

This is FOX, the channel that reported on something Trump did (I think it might have been the "grab by the pussy" tape release) and then Neil Cavuto instantly cut to a brutal car crash - a total non sequitur - saying, "And in California..."

Fox News is evil.

re: Trump admits he wants to block USPS funding to sabotage mail-in voting ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 1 year ago

The American way turned against itself.

The American way is just late stage capitalism, and it will definitely eat itself.

re: Trump administration rolls back Obama-era healthcare protections for transgender people and abortion access ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 1 year ago

The whole administration is a knee jerk reaction to the US having its first black president.

Trump has tried, and been somewhat successful, at rolling back anything and everything Obama did, including simple stuff, like...outlawing lead in bullets.

Check the environment headcycle for Trumps latest rollbacks - it's like he wants to kill the planet.

re: Dutch to begin easing lockdown measures next week, government says - Reuters ( submitted by scottrea
eugene's reply 1 year ago

Let's also hope that the Dutch government doesn't run a ponzi scheme to make money off of ppe equipment.

re: CBD hemp flower is something that I've been looking to buy. I found it for sale at this store; any feedback on the quality? ( submitted by grotted
eugene's reply 1 year ago

No idea on the hemp flower, but whomever built their site or decided to go with that style should not be a designer or product manager.

re: Antenna Usage Rising as More Turn to Free OTA Channels ( submitted by griffson
eugene's reply 1 year ago

Hey, it's just like the old days!

This has actually been going on for a few years now as people realize that spending $150-200 for a zillion channels with nothing on them can be replaced by the internet, phones, and video games.

But I'm sure Comcast et al. will provide enough campaign contributions to the right senators to drive up prices of broadband, all with the help of their boy Ajit Pai at the FCC.

re: Trump Impeachment Trial: McConnell Tells Caucus They Lack the Votes to Block Witnesses ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 1 year ago

Yep, it's not going to go the way anyone wants, but it's going down.

Trump will be sort of "Vindicated", and then the call for "Let us heal" will be spread throughout the land.

re: deleted ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago


re: The unpardonable pardon of Eddie Gallagher ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

So this guy is now a Conservative Influencer and he's selling t-shirts and supplements online.

re: Evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham calls for Trump's removal ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

I think you wanted to reply to my reply (below), but I get the sarcasm and the fact that this isn't something we can screw around with.

And yes, Swift, and all the greats (even Jesus) have had problems with people misunderstanding their messages ; )

re: Evangelical magazine founded by Billy Graham calls for Trump's removal ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serious...

But I do have to say this is good news - evangelicals, one of the biggest blocks of Trump voters, seem to be getting the point that Trump needs to be removed from office.

The downside here is Christianity Today is a mainstream christian magazine in Illinois - this isn't going to do dent the ideas (or vote) of the evangelicals in the South.

re: Trump impeached by House of Representatives over Ukraine dealings ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago

I really think the House did the right thing here - if a Dem had done the same I'd want him/her to be impeached as well.

Too bad this is going no where in the Senate, but at least the system still (sort of) works.

re: House Judiciary Committee approves two articles of impeachment against President Trump ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago

I could call you defeatist...but, I think you're right.

If McConnell is coordinating with the WH, it's a done deal, and there's no way 20 republican Senators flip on Trump.

Franklin was totally correct - “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Seems we can't.

re: Democrats unveil 2 articles of impeachment against Trump: Abuse of power, obstruction of Congress - ABC News ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago

Seems to be the same clip as the OP, but a different camera angle and no talking heads, so...that's nice.

re: Democrats unveil 2 articles of impeachment against Trump: Abuse of power, obstruction of Congress - ABC News ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago

The Democrats did the right thing and even though the Senate probably won't convict I'm proud that the American system seems to be working.

We'll see.

re: Trump complains about light bulbs making him look orange and people flushing toilets 15 times in rambling monologue ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

Basically create a problem that you can, or can't solve.

Then rail against those who oppose you.

re: Trump impeachment to go ahead - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ( submitted by robig
eugene's reply 2 years ago

As djfrodo said politically I think it would be a shrewd move to keep this in the news for as long as possible, the problem is Moscow Mitch and the republicans in the Senate are going to fast track the trial and vote to not convict.

It's good the Democrats are giving it a shot, but unless there's a secret vote in the Senate (or some drastically incriminating evidence is found) there's zero chance Republicans would convict - their base would eat them alive.

re: Mueller report: Criminal probe into Russia inquiry begins ( submitted by robig
eugene's reply 2 years ago

It seems the Trump administration is going all in - this time attacking the Muller investigation.

Trump, Barr, et al are trying to gaslight everyone.

re: Bernie Sanders Had Heart Attack, His Doctors Say as He Leaves Hospital ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

After Biden...being...well...Biden (and his eye exploding on national TV during the debate) in addition to Bernie's age and medical problems I think the mainstream democrat and the progressive candidate is/are screwed.

Yes, there's Warren but I don't think mouth breathers in the south or old school voters in the midwest can, once again, vote for a woman.

I just wish Bernie was 20 years younger.

Even if he was we're all going to hear a lot of "Socialists are evil!" rhetoric, and I think Cheeto Mussolini has a good chance of winning again.

With that said, I think voting for Warren is the best course of action.

re: American Political Science Association Wins Best Paper for Analyzing Trump Voters and Chaos ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 2 years ago

Nice quote. Btw if you want to quote something you can use > at the start of a line of paragrah break.

like this

and this

re: Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 2 years ago

The Trump admin really has lost it. If you get a chance and have the time, watch the entire press conference. Trump basically just spewed...the totally weird, like really weird.

Fortunately this move will definitely be challenged in court.

re: Trump to Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Stop Mueller probe 'right now' ( submitted by lyndonb
eugene's reply 3 years ago

Here's the latest...

White house says Trump did not order attorney general to end Mueller probe

Here's a snippet from the reuters story:

“It’s not an order. It’s the president’s opinion,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing when asked about the president’s Twitter posts.

She denied that Trump was obstructing the probe. “He’s fighting back,” she said. Sessions recused himself from the investigation and his deputy Rod Rosenstein is the person with the authority to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

And here's Trump's original tweet:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now," the president wrote in a post on Twitter. "Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!"

re: Lewandowski on Girl With Down Syndrome Separated From Mother: ‘Womp Womp’ ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 3 years ago

Just when I think it can't get does.

re: Mueller, several team members gave up million-dollar jobs to work on special counsel investigation ( submitted by djfrodo
eugene's reply 4 years ago

Donald Trump didn't release his taxes, yet those investigating him have basically released their entire portfolios.

This isn't going to be pretty at all. But I hope this team is so by the book, that when they finally bring charges there's no question that they're right.

re: Clinton’s misplaced criticism of the DNC as a cause of her defeat ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 4 years ago

As a follow up, the former DNC data director Andrew Therriault had some choice words for Clinton and here's more about him and his work at the DNC.

re: Greg Gianforte, Montana G.O.P. Candidate, Is Charged in Attack on Reporter ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 4 years ago

After a little looking around here's a great blog entry from the Montana Cowgirl Blog about Gianforte - turns out he's a young earth creationist and his wife is...interesting.

From the Montana Cowgirl Blog:

Gianforte’s wife was also invited to give the speech with him, in a kind of duet. But she has her own problems–she’s a big player in the “christian shop-owners must have a right to discriminate against LGBT people” movement. She recently testified against Bozeman’s proposed non-discrimination ordinance, and Gianforte bankrolls the non-discrimination ordinance opposition. His wife is chair of the pro-discrimination bunch’s board of directors.

And here's a description of the event from the local Fox News team

re: FCC Votes To Begin Rollback Of Net Neutrality Regulations : The Two-Way ( submitted by hal9000
eugene's reply 4 years ago

Here's Ars Technica's take on the story, which is a bit more over the top than NPR's - but this is pretty much what everyone thought was going to happen and it's not good.

The final vote is in 90 days.

From the Ars article:

"This is the beginning of the process, not the end," Pai said. After taking public comment for 90 days, the FCC "will follow the facts and law where they take us," Pai said. He also said the FCC will conduct a "credible cost-benefit analysis" before making final policy decisions.

The FCC "will not rely on hyperbolic statements about the end of the Internet as we know it, and 140-character argle-bargle, but rather on the data," Pai said.

Remind me to avoid "argle-bargle" in the future while paying $6.99 a month for the package.

re: After 61 Years, Detroit Gets A Streetcar Once More ( submitted by kermit
eugene's reply 4 years ago

Here's the reason why it went away in the first place - General Motors streetcar conspiracy

re: Justice Department was told to come up with reasons to fire Comey, reports say ( submitted by eugene
eugene's reply 4 years ago

Apparently Comey found out he was fired from televisions in the room where he was waiting to make an address in an FBI field office.