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re: Live Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium (youtu.be) submitted by kermit
drtom's reply 742 days ago

No surprise at all. The Jelly Fish exhibit in Monterey, as this video shows, is both beautiful and relaxing. Slow down for a bit and let it bring some peace into your life.

(Dis)Connected (apa.org)
submitted by drtom 758 days ago to /h/technology
re: 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu — Alexandra Huddleston (alexandrahuddleston.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 813 days ago

Powerful work, both the photography and the writing. A person could spend hours here, learning and thinking.

re: What's Going on in His Head? (nytimes.com) submitted by drtom
drtom's reply 108 days ago

I've given up arguing with people who don't deal in facts, so I suggest reading this instead of trying.

re: Twilight Zone - The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (vimeo.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 148 days ago

This is one of my absolute favorite TZ episodes.

re: A Frightening Tale - SNL (youtube.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 188 days ago

I think I know this guy.

re: Julie Swetnick Accuses Brett Kavanaugh Of Sexual Misconduct, Alleges He Was Present During 'Gang Rape' (huffingtonpost.com) submitted by lyndonb
drtom's reply 207 days ago

I can't quite seem to remember where I put my calendar when I was 17.

re: Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe (theatlantic.com) submitted by eugene
drtom's reply 220 days ago

This is indeed a frighteningly true article. I would highly recommending reading it but not before bedtime. It will leave you sleepless.

re: In The Studio With Mychael Danna (youtube.com) submitted by donisthorpe
drtom's reply 287 days ago

Fascinating both visually and musically.

re: Top 10 Music Videos of All Time (self.music) submitted by jimi14
drtom's reply 289 days ago

Love the song "A Day in the Life" with or without the video.

re: Cinema Paradiso Trailer (youtube.com) submitted by donisthorpe
drtom's reply 289 days ago

I have seen it and loved it. It grabs what ever romantic bit you have left in your heart and caresses it until it comes alive. And to quote the above, "If you haven't seen it - do."

re: Newsroom Pilot Intro (youtube.com) submitted by donisthorpe
drtom's reply 289 days ago

This should be required viewing for all Americans.

re: Bank Fountain (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 306 days ago

Love it!