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The Job of a White House Photographer (pbs.org)
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Vibrant Night Photography of Tokyo's Streets by Keiichiro Kinoshita (photogrist.com)
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Hurray For The Riff Raff (npr.org)
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A Thinking Conservative (politico.com)
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Frank Zappa America's Moving Towards a Fascist Theocracy (youtube.com)
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After Years Of Silence, Simon And Garfunkel Reunite On Stage (metaspoon.com)
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Black Rock - The Infamous Stringdusters - YouTube (youtube.com)
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Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin (youtube.com)
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Capturing Love, the Brooklyn Way (nytimes.com)
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Fly away with me. (self.f8andbethere)
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Snowstorms and Bird Migration (self.wildlife)
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The Road to Nowhere (self.f8andbethere)
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Books I Should Have Read (self.literature)
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Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87 (nytimes.com)
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J. Geils Band - Centerfold - YouTube (youtube.com)
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re: Live Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium (youtu.be) submitted by kermit
drtom's reply 129 days ago

No surprise at all. The Jelly Fish exhibit in Monterey, as this video shows, is both beautiful and relaxing. Slow down for a bit and let it bring some peace into your life.

(Dis)Connected (apa.org)
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The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest - The Atlantic (theatlantic.com)
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re: 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu — Alexandra Huddleston (alexandrahuddleston.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 201 days ago

Powerful work, both the photography and the writing. A person could spend hours here, learning and thinking.

Observing Nature in Colorado (eventideintherockies.wordpress.com)
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Dance a Little Closer - Dakota Blonde (youtube.com)
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Colorful Street Photography (photogrist.com)
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Glen Campbell moves on down the line. (washingtonpost.com)
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Godzilla R.I.P. (npr.org)
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Architectural Photography (photogrist.com)
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re: Lissie - Kid Cudi live cover - Pursuit Of Happiness (youtube.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 9 days ago

Very nice - worth more than one listen.

Get Back! (search.aol.com)
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Goodbye, Jeanne Moreau (economictimes.indiatimes.com)
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Shoot Your Cat (lightstalking.com)
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re: Smash Mouth - Pacific Coast Party (youtube.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 23 days ago

I watched this twice - once to see the video and a second time on phones with my eyes closed - not exactly my style of music but I liked it better the second time around.

re: Sen. John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer (washingtonpost.com) submitted by lyndonb
drtom's reply 28 days ago

So sorry to hear this for anyone. Good Luck, John.

re: Their Names - Burning Star (vimeo.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 30 days ago

For me the real test of good music is to listen to it as opposed to being led astray by a music video. Try "watching/hearing" this one with your eyes closed and then decide.

Why do they even play the game? (washingtonpost.com)
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re: Stanley Kubrick Talks About Growing up & Learning Photography (youtube.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 50 days ago

This has already been said, but I wish it were longer. I'd love to hear how it led him to what he eventually created in his works.

Dock of the Bay (sharetap.it)
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re: Photography by J.M. Hoffman: Can You Tell The Difference? Part 1: Wildlife (photography.jm-hoffman.com) submitted by niepce
drtom's reply 51 days ago

Being in the market for a new camera, I found this pretty interesting; although I'm still researching.

A Bygone Era of Big City Life (nytimes.com)
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re: The Beatles - A Day In The Life (youtube.com) submitted by jimi14
drtom's reply 59 days ago

50 years in the blink of an eye. Where have all the flowers gone? Thanks for being the Beatles.

re: Fishing Saved My Life! - YouTube Stars | N.O.D.R. | American Elements (youtube.com) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 69 days ago

Some absolute truths here whether you're into fishing or not. Love it.

Bob Dylan 2016 Nobel Lecture in Literature (youtube.com)
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re: Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin (youtube.com) submitted by drtom
drtom's reply 76 days ago

"Good-bye, Cruel World, I'm off to join the circus. I'm gonna be a broken-hearted clown."

re: Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin (youtube.com) submitted by drtom
drtom's reply 76 days ago

Stephanie Bettman, the one on the left; interestingly just after I "shared" their video on FB, she sent me a "Friend Request". I am now "friends" with Stephanie, but more importantly I love her voice and their song writing. Share this with everyone you know.

Chicago's Skyline as an 'Urban Quilt' (petapixel.com)
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re: Exposed Under the Sun (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 80 days ago

Nice shot.

Beware: 500px Now Sells Your Photos on Fotolia Without Credit (petapixel.com)
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re: Gotham Winter (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 83 days ago

A wonderful moody shot. You can feel the cold.

re: Two of the best animals (self.f8andbethere) submitted by jeannie
drtom's reply 84 days ago

The cat always wins.

re: White House to launch a commission to study voter fraud and suppression (washingtonpost.com) submitted by eugene
drtom's reply 96 days ago

Another attempt to divert attention away from the real issue.

re: Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (youtu.be) submitted by hal9000
drtom's reply 100 days ago

John Oliver nailed it!