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Some realities of climate change (washingtonpost.com)
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Meet the Jane Goodall of bears (salon.com)
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Walter Becker Was A Master Of Musical Understatement (npr.org)
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Mowing Season (self.f8andbethere)
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Great Travel Photos (photogrist.com)
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Jerry Lewis, comedy king and master of slapstick, dies at 91 (washingtonpost.com)
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Colorful Street Photography (photogrist.com)
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The Job of a White House Photographer (pbs.org)
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Vibrant Night Photography of Tokyo's Streets by Keiichiro Kinoshita (photogrist.com)
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Hurray For The Riff Raff (npr.org)
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A Thinking Conservative (politico.com)
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Frank Zappa America's Moving Towards a Fascist Theocracy (youtube.com)
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After Years Of Silence, Simon And Garfunkel Reunite On Stage (metaspoon.com)
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Black Rock - The Infamous Stringdusters - YouTube (youtube.com)
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Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin (youtube.com)
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Capturing Love, the Brooklyn Way (nytimes.com)
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Fly away with me. (self.f8andbethere)
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Snowstorms and Bird Migration (self.wildlife)
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The Road to Nowhere (self.f8andbethere)
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Books I Should Have Read (self.literature)
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Gabriel García Márquez, Conjurer of Literary Magic, Dies at 87 (nytimes.com)
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J. Geils Band - Centerfold - YouTube (youtube.com)
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re: Live Jelly Cam - Monterey Bay Aquarium (youtu.be) submitted by kermit
drtom's reply 248 days ago

No surprise at all. The Jelly Fish exhibit in Monterey, as this video shows, is both beautiful and relaxing. Slow down for a bit and let it bring some peace into your life.

(Dis)Connected (apa.org)
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The 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest - The Atlantic (theatlantic.com)
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re: 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu — Alexandra Huddleston (alexandrahuddleston.com) submitted by djfrodo
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Powerful work, both the photography and the writing. A person could spend hours here, learning and thinking.

Observing Nature in Colorado (eventideintherockies.wordpress.com)
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Dance a Little Closer - Dakota Blonde (youtube.com)
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Is anyone ever wrong anymore? - The Washington Post (washingtonpost.com)
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Another Genius Says Goodbye (nytimes.com)
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R.I.P. Della (foxnews.com)
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re: Photographer Pete Souza Reflects On 8 Years (And 1.9 Million Photos) Of Obama (npr.org) submitted by niepce
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What a job! Overwhelming and yet so rewarding - great photos.

re: Shortstop Carlos Correa proposed during the post-game ceremonies (streamable.com) submitted by sportsguy
drtom's reply 41 days ago

Very cool, but alas, no baseball till spring.

re: The ‘Real’ New York: Gritty Scenes Of New York Street Life In The 1970s (hankermag.com) submitted by niepce
drtom's reply 47 days ago

"Gritty" may be an understatement, but great photographs. Love the colors.

So Long, Big Guy (washingtonpost.com)
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re: Game Two (self.sports) submitted by boyfromnyc
drtom's reply 48 days ago

Thanks, Vin.

re: NFL Protest (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
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There are so many things to respond to here. The NFL has long wrapped itself in the American flag yet blithely violates one of the rules for its display by holding it horizontally in every stadium on opening day. But that is another issue.

The basic questions seem to be: Is there racial injustice in America? Is there racially motivated police brutality in America? Do black athletes have the right to protest? Do young men who make millions of dollars by "playing a game" have the right to protest? The answer to all of these should be, "Yes".

Is taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem showing disrespect for the flag and the country? The answer probably depends on what you believe America and the flag should represent and whether it actually does.

Are there other platforms that the protests could take? Sure. Would they be as visible and get the same amount of attention? I doubt it. Would they upset as many people as they have? Probably not. Would they achieve anything meaningful? Who knows?

Perhaps football players, football fans and all the rest of Americans should be asking the real questions that spurred the protests in the first place. Maybe then America can get on with playing a game.

The Village Voice (nytimes.com)
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Hal Willner’s Vanishing, Weird New York - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
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iPhone Award Winners (photogrist.com)
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re: A Batter at the Plate (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 106 days ago

Nice shot.

re: Sunset over O'AHU. (self.f8andbethere) submitted by tderby
drtom's reply 110 days ago

Love the colors.

Paris Store Fronts (photogrist.com)
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The beautiful art of "This Land" (washingtonpost.com)
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re: Tiles for America (self.f8andbethere) submitted by djfrodo
drtom's reply 117 days ago

Nicely done. It arouses my curiosity about many questions.

Glen Campbell moves on down the line. (washingtonpost.com)
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Godzilla R.I.P. (npr.org)
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