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re: Questions on the Trump situation (long) ( originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
djpsql's reply 32 days ago

Hey, might not be the right forum

It's fine.

Actually, looking at all of the headcycles I don't really know where one would post a subject like this.

h/currentaffairs seems too much like the awful t.v. show from the 80s/90s.

As for your question(s).

I don't think this will stop. Borrowing the movie trope from some other answers here, this is The Terminator, or a zombie flick.

The "rigged" election accusation is going to be with us for a long, long time.

Trump said it about the 2016 election that he won.

The point is to destablize and cause panic and fear, basically to gaslight.

re: Elon Musk won’t fight Mark Zuckerberg in a ‘cage match’ – because he knows he’d lose ( originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
djpsql's reply 39 days ago

Disparaging is a great word that isn't used enough.

A "disparaging remark" is really the only time I used or heard it.

adjective: disparaging
expressing the opinion that something is of little worth; derogatory.

I think that really sums up both Musk and Zuck.

Neither really live in the real world.

So, here's comic take on all of it - Billionaire Doors

re: Shovels & Rope - Lay Low (Live at Pickathon) - YouTube ( originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
djpsql's reply 92 days ago


As for Pickathon, and this has already been posted but, whatever: Lake Street Dive - Rich Girl (Live @Pickathon 2013)

re: Wagner Chief Seizes a Military Compound After Criticizing Russia Generals ( originally posted by djpsql
djpsql's reply 94 days ago

The later news of the day is now he's standing down...I guess?

This guy was Putin's attack dog for a long, long time and now he's going to Belarus.

I'll bet Putin said - "O.k. things are crazy, so how about your own little fifedom?" and Prigozhin just said, "Deal".

I was hoping for a coup to he honest, or at least a bit more mischief, but who knows?

I just don't want anything dealing with the big N - specifically the reactor.