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re: French election results: Emmanuel Macron 'wins 60 per cent of vote,' exit polls suggest ( submitted by lyndonb
djpsql's reply 839 days ago

Le Pen just conceded

re: In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails - The New York Times ( submitted by eugene
djpsql's reply 883 days ago

Oh man, this is poetic.

Trump's agenda (and the republicans agenda in general) is so screwed. He/they were ready to start repealing everything under the sun.

I certainly wouldn't want to be Paul Ryan today. He's going to get voted out by the republican base or at least lose the speakers position.

Tea partiers and Trump supporters must be livid.

Watching the primaries in 2018 just got a whole lot more interesting. Primary from the right anyone?

You Betcha!

re: Documentary: Scratch - The Movie ( submitted by jimi14
djpsql's reply 1067 days ago

Besides Style Wars I think Scratch is one of the best hiphop documentaries ever made.

There are so many luminaries of hiphop in this...I won't list them, but wow.

If you like hiphop or turntablism (or even if you just want inspiration for making music) this is a must watch.