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re: I want to offer a great present for my friends who are going to become new parents. Which one from these travel strollers do you think is the best choice? ( submitted by zonafiscally
djfrodo's reply 123 days ago

You're a little obsessed with strollers : )

As for your question I have no idea.

re: KavanaUGH (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
djfrodo's reply 255 days ago

When KavanaUGH was nominated, I realized he and I had different political stripes,
but I believed him to be a qualified jurist.
Maybe that is still the case.

Sorry but after watching the "hearing", the perjury, the stolen emails in the Clinton case, etc. I can't really see how anyone could think K is an acceptable choice to a lifetime appointment to the SC.

If you look at his record he's basically going to take down R vs W, continue to let dark money into elections, allow gerrymandering, and cover Trump's ass but doing away with double jeopardy laws (basically states can't prosecute crimes if it's tried at the federal level - a reversal of a law which has been around since basically forever).

K is a partisan hack.


re: Just a bit of fun. ( submitted by drtom
djfrodo's reply 354 days ago

Here's the full version (non facebook):

re: Employer's GPS Tracking Solution Checklist ( submitted by briellemathis
djfrodo's reply 397 days ago

What's up with all of the spam about tracking your employees via GPS?

The last thing any employee wants is to be tracked.

Stop spamming this shit.