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re: Dutch to begin easing lockdown measures next week, government says - Reuters ( submitted by scottrea
djfrodo's reply 1 year ago

Let's hope the Dutch are smarter in their easing than Americans are, because here it's been a disaster.

re: beabadoobee Stans Pavement On New Song "I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus": Listen - Stereogum ( submitted by robig
djfrodo's reply 2 years ago

Thanks for this - I totally forgot Stereo Gum existed. Reading some the articles I also forgot that it's really quite good.

re: Michael Bennet might be the Democrats’ best chance to beat Trump - The Washington Post ( submitted by jeannie
djfrodo's reply 2 years ago

I have zero respect for George Will, and I think him being "ahead of the pack" is...a joke.

He's shilled for Reagan, the Bushes, and every "conservative" candidate since he's been writing.

I'm not saying Bennet doesn't have a chance, but listening to George Will is a huge mistake.