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re: Employer's GPS Tracking Solution Checklist ( submitted by briellemathis
djfrodo's reply 35 days ago

What's up with all of the spam about tracking your employees via GPS?

The last thing any employee wants is to be tracked.

Stop spamming this shit.

re: 9 Lazy 9 - 5AM (1994) ( submitted by svnpenn
djfrodo's reply 209 days ago

This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

9lazy9 was amazing.

Good choice.

The Conversation (self.movies)
submitted by djfrodo 329 days ago to /h/movies
re: Frank Zappa America's Moving Towards a Fascist Theocracy ( submitted by drtom
djfrodo's reply 338 days ago

Frank Zappa was the man. Not only was he pretty much a musical genius he was definitely a radical who always presented his arguments in a very controlled, rational, and well thought out manner.

Here's his testimony at the PMRC Senate Hearing on Rock Lyrics

I'm not really a fan of his music, but like George Carlin I wish Frank was around today.