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re: Stupid or genius? KFC comes up with the "KFConsole" to rival the PS5 (pastemagazine.com) submitted by deathcorefuriosa
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

I have to admit KFC's marketing department has wild ideas and a good sense of humor.

They released a "I love Colonel Sanders" dating app and apparently have a "virtual influencer" that makes fun of "influencers" on twitter and instagram.

What a weird company, but I bet it's fun to work in the "O.k. let's spitball ideas and come up with some weird stuff" department.

re: Supreme Court allows Texas’ 6-week abortion ban to take effect (politico.com) submitted by eugene
budwhite's reply 148 days ago

Yeah, this is not going to go well.

If we outlaw abortion we're going to see huge repercussions.

Those that fund raise and vote specifically on the abortion issue will be lost. They won't have their main issue front and center.

Women will lose their right to control their bodies...everyone loses.

I just hope they (Supremes) don't hear the case.

If they do, and reverse Roe...well, we're all kind of screwed.

re: Ne-Yo And Wife Crystal Smith Are Expecting A New Baby (relayvibes.co) submitted by format
budwhite's reply 337 days ago

And we care because...why?

Who are Ne-Yo and Cyrstal Smith?

This is definitely some PR rep or a bot.

tldr: No one cares

re: Charli DAmelio Says No GIF by GIF MIX | Gfycat (gfycat.com) submitted by capthook
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

It's a link to an external site...I have no idea what you're talking about.

re: deleted (self.movies) submitted by deathcorefuriosa
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

What do you think about the Great Minion Fiasco of 2020?

Um...I hope this is the most sarcastic comment ever made.

If not, I think you might want to readjust what's important in life in general.

re: AskHeadcycle: What is the worst thing you had to deal with while being out in public during COVID-19? (self.health) submitted by deathcorefuriosa
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

Actually...nothing. The people in my state (CO), or at least my part of the state, are actually quite good about wearing masks - the only ones who seem to ignore wearing masks are generally 20-30 year old males.

Using public restrooms, especially the ones at Walmart, Target, etc.

I wouldn't use those even in the best of times...unless it was an emergency.

So the worst thing, I guess, is being around people who don't social distance and don't wear masks. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I just ignore it and quickly gtfo of wherever I am.

re: COVID-19: Impact on IT Industry -Benefits & Losses (self.technology) submitted by balwinder
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

O.k. a few things.

First, you do know you can just post a link right? When posting choose "link". You can still write an initial post.
Second, why are all "bad computer users/hackers" always in a hoodie?
Third, nice spam.

re: how to prevent from coronavirus COVID19 - YouTube (youtu.be) submitted by arshad
budwhite's reply 1 year ago

I ah...think you might want to work on your sound a little in this vid - the narrator sounds like she's inside of a can.

Also, why NSFW?

re: deleted (youtube.com) submitted by juliaflores0191
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

This is a post to /h/health?

This is should be a post to /h/dumb but that doesn't exists.

GTFO with this stupid shit.

re: deleted (youtube.com) submitted by nataliecuevas0191
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

This is like the dumbest post ever. Mods please delete this.

re: deleted (self.business) submitted by rotate
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

It's important to me to not write headlines like Prince, and actually be able to form a complete sentence without pushing the same product in every post.

re: deleted (youtu.be) submitted by reflection
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

Wow...reality TV has moved to youtube.

This is a waste of not only space on a server some where, but your brain cells, and time.

What is this, why does it exist, and who makes these thinking that anyone want to watch it?

Avoid like the plague.

re: Questions in dropshipping (self.business) submitted by melodyfrinder
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

Hey more spam from Jetsetfly about dropshipping, just what everyone wants to see!

Please, for the love of god or the flying spaghetti monster - STOP POSTING THIS SHIT.

re: Niagara Falls view from boat (youtu.be) submitted by umang31
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

Why is this video repeatedly posted? It's total spam.

re: deleted (buzzfeed.com) submitted by cheskawarding
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

Spam and a repost. Please stop posting this.

re: deleted (ancient-origins.net) submitted by jeremythomas0191
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

Repost and spam.

re: A Night at The Garden (youtube.com) submitted by niepce
budwhite's reply 2 years ago

It doesn't matter if it wins or not, the basic message here is that this type of thought has been around for a long, long time.

The fact that this was at MSG in 1939 is scary enough, but what's even scarier is we're dealing with it in 2019.

re: Where Have All The Bob Seger Albums Gone? : The Record : NPR (npr.org) submitted by budwhite
budwhite's reply 4 years ago

p.s. Hit Men basically laid out how the music industry worked in the past (70s - 80s).

What's weird is how the book as been treated since.

Here's the only wikipedia entry about it, yet it was (supposedly) one of Billboard's 100 best of all time.

From wikipedia:

Fredric Dannen is an American journalist and author. He is best known for his landmark book Hit Men: Powerbrokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business (1990), which investigated the behind-the-scenes dealings of the major American record labels in the 1970s and 1980s, focussing on the careers of leading CBS Records executives Walter Yetnikoff and Dick Asher. Hit Men came in second on Billboard_(magazine) list of "100 Greatest Music Books of All Time".

Go father into the past and there's the original mac daddy of them all - payola

If you think you want a career in the music industry, turn back now kids, it's not for you.

Not to be totally depressing - see this

You'll see someone from Friends you may recognize...

re: The Sampling of Daft Punk (Official Daftworld Video) - YouTube (youtube.com) submitted by 1200mk2
budwhite's reply 4 years ago

somehow i made it until now not knowing about whosampled.com

how that happened, i have no idea