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Game Two (self.sports)
submitted by boyfromnyc 575 days ago to /h/sports
re: Feist's First Track in 6 Years - Pleasure - YouTube ( submitted by djfrodo
boyfromnyc's reply 792 days ago

I tried ,but couldn't get there.
I listened to a few other pieces with the same result.
I like more grit in my music.

re: The best television show of all time? (self.television) submitted by djfrodo
boyfromnyc's reply 967 days ago

I'm thinking "The Prisoner"

re: KavanaUGH (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
boyfromnyc's reply 228 days ago

I am confident that neither of us believe KavanaUGH should be a Supreme Court Judge.
However, we get to that conclusion via different routes.
If I interpret your comments correctly, you are opposed to him because of his judicial philosophies and
his politics; a legitimate position
However carried to an extreme such thinking would result in a Court of likeminded individuals
(I must admit we do seem to be headed in that direction)

I do not believe unanimity of thought was what the Founding Fathers intended
At least that is how I read The Federalists.

My opposition to K,( I kind of like your Kafkaesque reference), is based on the man's temperament
and his ability to control his emotions, particularly at times of stress.

I'll admit to naivete, but I am more willing to accept someone with whom I disagree than
someone who has demonstrated the ability to lose it.

re: Ruby Washington: A Quiet Trailblazer in Photojournalism ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 243 days ago

O.K. I'm guessing is completely unrelated, but you sent me looking for Ruby Ruby by Dion and
the Belmonts.
Couldn't find the Drifters original, and have no interest in the Beach Boys version.

Also , if I see that woman waving for a cab. I'm stopping!

re: Arlo Guthrie & Family pay tribute to Mary Travers - YouTube ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 243 days ago

I had not heard this in a very long time.
You are correct, the words still matter.

I don't know the solution to our immigration problems.
I know it is not a wall or a process whereby Immigation Judges allow people
attempting to follow the rules to languish.

Many of my Republican friends told me the Dreamer crisis would be solved if the Democrats
separated Dreamers from funding the government.
The Democrats folded, the issue remains.
The lyrics are meaningful today.

re: Polarization in Poland: A Warning From Europe ( submitted by eugene
boyfromnyc's reply 248 days ago

Much too much to unpack quickly.
A couple of kneejerk comments.

After the election Jeanne shared an article which if memory serves came from The New Yorker.
It offered many reasons to explain the election result.
One of the reasons resonated; the Democratic Party had "overlooked" rural America, concentrating on the urban elites.
This article identifies the Law and Justice acolytes as being well educated and neither rural or poor.
The quote fro Hannah Arendt, 1940 ???, rattled me the most.

I'm reminded of a quote from Santayana, about those who refuse to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. I always thought, hoped, this was relevant.
Reading the words of the Greek professor re the circularity of political systems makes me wonder.

Finally, I can't ignore the similarity of Black PR and Fake News.

re: Trump says official Puerto Rico hurricane death toll of 3,000 was made up by Democrats 'to make me look bad' ( submitted by kermit
boyfromnyc's reply 251 days ago

It is hard to believe but Trump's statements and sel serving lies
make Bush 2' Katrina comments sound good.

"Brpwnie, you're doing a great job"

re: Meet Etta Baker ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 339 days ago

I could drive a very long way listening to her.

re: Trump Accuses Democrats of ‘Treason’ Amid Market Rout ( submitted by eugene
boyfromnyc's reply 471 days ago

Where is the outrage?
Where are Ryan and McConnell?
Why is the only damning commentary coming from Jeff Flake, a self imposed lame duck Republican senator ?
Labeling Democrats who chose not to support his narcissism as treasonous and un- American
has moved our government and country closer to the worlds phony " democracies " we claim to loathe.

It cannot and should not be categorized as "another Trumpism".
Repeated comments and actions which undermine our institutions have a cumulative effect.
" Say it often enough and loud enough a, people start to believe it"

The shithole comments are all but forgotten.
This latest assault mus be answered.

Why ? (self.politics)
submitted by boyfromnyc 473 days ago to /h/politics
re: Cleveland Indians Will Abandon Chief Wahoo Logo Next Year ( submitted by sportsguy
boyfromnyc's reply 477 days ago

Allie Reynolds, a member of the Creek Nation, pitched for Cleveland before coming to the Yankees.

Reynolds was nicknamed " Big Chief".

Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox tribe, distinguished himself playing for the Carlisle Indians,
prior to his Olympic and professional football and baseball career.

To the best of my knowledge, neither objected to playing for the " Indians"

re: What Makes a Movie a “Cult” Film? ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 483 days ago

The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Klaatu barada Nickto,

Groundhog Day

re: Trump's Medical Report (self.politics) submitted by boyfromnyc
boyfromnyc's reply 489 days ago

Donald Trump is the ultimate three cars monte player.
His ability to masterfully hide the Queen, keeps both political parties, the Country,
and all us citizens guessing and off balance.

To date his strategy has been "successful"

re: What Makes a Movie a “Cult” Film? ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 490 days ago

Night Shift, Carney, Morgan.
High Noon, more classic than cult,

Who Shot Liberty Valence?
Easy Rider


Shame (self.politics)
submitted by boyfromnyc 494 days ago to /h/politics
re: Game Two (self.sports) submitted by boyfromnyc
boyfromnyc's reply 565 days ago

Agreed. Regardless of my love/hate feelings for the Yankees, Girardi seemed like a class act.

re: Game Two (self.sports) submitted by boyfromnyc
boyfromnyc's reply 567 days ago

Koufax and Don Newcombe
What a treat.

re: Harry Dean Stanton, Character Actor Who Became a Star, Dies at 91 ( submitted by bogey
boyfromnyc's reply 614 days ago

An impressive body of work.
I remember Repo Man, one of my favorite B movies.

Eight different characters on Gunsmoke supports your comment.

Also, I watch Escape fom New York at every opportunity, but I most admit I watch because
of Kurt Russel as Snake Plikksen.

Thanks, Harry!

re: Walter Becker Was A Master Of Musical Understatement ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 625 days ago

An amazing article, takes a few readings to appreciate, (begin to).

Walter Becker was born in Queens County

re: Jerry Lewis, comedy king and master of slapstick, dies at 91 ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 639 days ago

Not a fan. Have never understood French fascination.
He became cruel as he aged.

Maybe I am as well.

re: The Job of a White House Photographer ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 652 days ago

I'm not really qualified to comment , but I'm guessing under Trump the job is a bitch.

What a fantastic name, Shealah Craighead,
Ian Fleming would be proud.

re: Lissie - Kid Cudi live cover - Pursuit Of Happiness ( submitted by djfrodo
boyfromnyc's reply 652 days ago

I have not heard it., nor am I familiar with Lissie.
I will listen again.

Somewhat related, last week MSN listed songs where the cover was better,

Hendrix is not one of my favorites, but his version of "Watchtower" tops Dylan's.

Also IKe and Tina's "Proud Mary" gives CCR a run.

re: Black Rock - The Infamous Stringdusters - YouTube ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 717 days ago

You think?

However I'm not sure some of them don't have six fingers,

re: Flowers & Stone (with story introduction) by Bettman & Halpin ( submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 721 days ago

Hey Son Do You Want To Join The Big Top

Thanks, DrT.

How did we miss the Acoustic cafe?

I know it was the Snake Lady

re: The Road to Nowhere (self.f8andbethere) submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 726 days ago

Great photo .
It still reminds me of Seven

re: The Alienist [OFFICIAL TRAILER] ( submitted by djfrodo
boyfromnyc's reply 732 days ago

I really liked the book.

Caleb Carr is worth the read.

re: 'Alien: Covenant' Proves 'Franchise Fatigue' Really Means 'Boring Movies' ( submitted by donisthorpe
boyfromnyc's reply 732 days ago

Late last week NPR did a review of Alien Covenant.
While not going over the top, the he clearly liked it more than this reviewer.

More interestingly he described the creature in the original as part phallic symbol and used motorcycle parts.

Some imagery just gets to you.

re: BBC Music - Sgt Pepper - Meet the Band ( submitted by jimi14
boyfromnyc's reply 736 days ago

Carl Jung, of Pepsi Cola fame. in his interview talked about the sex drive and the inferiority complex.

Carl, they're the same #@*&%^ thing.

Hadn't heard God On Our Side in a long time. As I listened, he was singing about Manifest Destiny.
I wonder if we are still experiencing the same thing on a global basis.

re: BBC Music - Sgt Pepper - Meet the Band ( submitted by jimi14
boyfromnyc's reply 736 days ago

Whenever I think of The Beatles, particularly attempting to select their best work, not song, I always
start with Rubber Soul.
However, it is impossible not to have my musical mind say Sgt. Pepper.

I don't think there isn't an absolute answer.

P.S. I cannot put the White Album in the same category

Now you have me thinking.

For best song I am torn between You've Got to Hide Your Love Away and Norwegian Wood

re: Books I Should Have Read (self.literature) submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 746 days ago

Thanks foe the help DJ.
As I hoped, I picked up a few suggestions.
I think I will start with The Magus, although I may have to call the Jesuits
for help with the Latin.

re: Books I Should Have Read (self.literature) submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 750 days ago

I want add Spice Box of the Earth- Leonard Cohen

re: Books I Should Have Read (self.literature) submitted by drtom
boyfromnyc's reply 751 days ago

I have given this considerable thought and I think of any books I should have read.
I truly hope that isn't as arrogant as it sounds.
I Know there are a gazillion books I should read, and I'm sure I will get turned on by other headcyclers lists.
which outside of Dr Tom's post I have not yet seen.

At the same time I don't want to be perceived as a follower waiting to be told where to go next.

I thought of some "classics' which I gave up on finding them boring, e.g. Call of the Wild, On the Road,
The Great Gatsby and most of Sir Arthor Conan Doyle.

However as I considered the question I realized I have a list of books I should reread.

I offer the following in complete list:
A Canticle for Leibowitz
The Good Soldier Schweik
Stranger in a Strange Land
Do Robots dream of Electric Sheep, (or something like that)
All of Vonnegot
The Pill Versus the Spring Hill Mine Disaster
All Quiet on the Western Front.

I'd put Lord Of the Rings and the Hobbit on the list but the movies have kept them fresh in my mind.

I can't wait to see other lists.

re: Politics of Climate Change ( submitted by kermit
boyfromnyc's reply 755 days ago

Why are my Senators and Congressman like Whitehouse?

Answer-- Because I live in Florida

re: The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? | The Hemp Conspiracy ( submitted by cheechsmith
boyfromnyc's reply 763 days ago

First, the beginning of this video is strangely reminiscent of Alien.
Second, and much more important, I grind hemp seeds, mix them with flax I have ground
and mix it with my oatmeal or yogurt.

No scientific data, but my urologist thinks it may be helping my prostate.

Of course, he would look for anything that maintains a low PSA.

Stay tuned.