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re: Does Your State Lean toward Barbie or Oppenheimer? ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 56 days ago

Yeah, from what I've read the Oppenheimer quote is used twice, first during a sex scene with Florence Pugh, and the second after the Trinity test.

I've also gathered that it's much better than Tenet, but that it still has some confusing/hard to hear dialogue and the 3 time lines are dense, and confusing to some viewers.

I still think Nolan's best was Memento, but I've never seen The Prestige.

I'll be waiting for streaming for both as well.

re: Amazon to buy MGM Studios for $8.45 billion ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 2 years ago

I think it's going to be a bunch of Bond movies.

MGM has a ton of content, but it's basically all "Old" (the young ones really don't watch anything before 1970).

It's an interesting purchase, but I don't think it will do that much for Amazon.

I could be wrong.

re: Academy Confirms Four Oscar Presentations Set for Commercial Breaks ( originally posted by niepce
bogey's reply 4 years ago

Yeah to put it politely, fuck the academy.

Just take a look at How Star Wars was saved in the edit

We could also talk about Roger Deakins: and this:

His speech was about 20 seconds, and he's be nominated 14 times.

re: Human Traffic - Comedown Sermon ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 5 years ago

Here's a longer version, it a bit darker (as in exposure) but it gives it context:

re: ‘Sopranos’ prequel film ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ on the way ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 5 years ago

I would think they would get younger actors, which would probably ruin the whole thing.

Who knows?

A sequel to Blade Runner never seemed like a good idea and it turned out o.k.

re: Harry Dean Stanton, Character Actor Who Became a Star, Dies at 91 ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 6 years ago

I love Escape from New York (basically anything John Carpenter).

I would also say he was great in Pretty in Pink and, weirdly, Repo Man.

Oh, also Alien...but that's kind of a no brainer.

re: All hail Kubrick's ‘Barry Lyndon,’ a masterclass in bringing a unique filmmaker's vision to life ( originally posted by donisthorpe
bogey's reply 6 years ago

I watch "movies"...but I also like a really good flick that's unlike any other I've seen.

Barry Lyndon is it.

But you're right, if you don't like slow movies (and I mean slooooow) this one isn't for you.

re: Hollywood fearing worst box office summer in a decade ( originally posted by donisthorpe
bogey's reply 6 years ago

Yeah I agree. I think the pinnacle was The Dark Knight. In that trilogy the other two were pretty bad.

I can't even tell any of the other superhero flicks apart and I absolutely hated Guardians of the Galaxy.

re: 10 Best Structured Movies of All Time ( originally posted by bogey
bogey's reply 6 years ago

Just off the top of my head without getting all film school geeky, I would add Jaws to the list. It's the classic hero's journey with a 3 act structure and, like Die Hard, every plot device (and character development) from the first act onward propels the story forward to its ultimate end.

re: Alien - Behind The Scenes ( originally posted by donisthorpe
bogey's reply 6 years ago

I still think Alien is better better than the sequel. There, I said it.

The Horror!

Actually I'm probably in the minority and all the die hards will always pick the first, but for me it's the second all the way. The big reason is in Alien when the anrdoid head is laying on the floor after being dismembered looks so...fake.

I also think Aliens is one of the best action movies ever.

With all of that said, to each his/her own. We have both, which is great.

re: Great Opening Credit Sequences (self.movies) originally posted by donisthorpe
bogey's reply 6 years ago

Wow, you guys went old school. There are so many great ones that I could spend way too much time posting them, but here are a few more modern ones.

On the hand written tip a la Dr. Strangelove is Almost Famous

Apparently that's Camron Crowe's hand doing the writing.


I looked it up and they (Fincher I guess) had the books in the movie / opening sequence actually written.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - the Alien Trailer is the best ever and the the opening credits copy it.

As for old school and sex you can't beat Barbarella (NSFW)