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re: Dave Chappelle | Teaser [HD] | Netflix - YouTube ( submitted by langhorne
blahblah's reply 4 years ago

I can't wait either. He's releasing 3 back to back to back specials!

Man I hope these are good or at least Chappelle good. I miss him.

re: Wordcloud Part 2 (self.headcycle_labs) submitted by administrator
blahblah's reply 4 years ago

This, I guess. I think I get where you're going with this but does it just run through the list of headcycles?

re: Los Pollos Hermanos Returns in New Better Call Saul Teasers ( submitted by whatthefcuk
blahblah's reply 4 years ago

From his twitter message I think we'll being seeing Gus Fring again soon.