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re: Death Metal for Piano? (self.musicmakers) submitted by deathcorefuriosa
1200mk2's reply 1 year ago

The only thing I know how to play are 2 turntables (no microphone) and When the Saints Come Marching In on keyboards : )

re: Death Metal for Piano? (self.musicmakers) submitted by deathcorefuriosa
1200mk2's reply 1 year ago

O.k. so, metal is not my thing. It just isn't.

But...check this out: https://www.cbc.ca/music/heavy-metal-and-classical-music-have-more-in-common-than-you-think-1.5262655

Personally, most of the musicians that I've met and that I admire, whether they be rock guitarists, hip-hop djs, classical fans, etc. all of them, at some some point, come to Brahms.

Here's a little taste from the article:

While the baroque period seems to be particularly fertile ground for heavy metal musings, the Romantics, who were certainly no strangers to dark ruminations, chromaticism, virtuosity and over-the-top drama, certainly provide fodder for modern-day metal. Here's Rachel Barton Pine explaining how Brahms's Violin Concerto in D minor influenced everyone from Van Halen to Scorpions.

So, don't worry about "death metal piano tabs"...it's already been done, about 150 years ago, and it was a "Classical" guy who did it.

Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but Brahms is the man.

Check him out.

p.s. I know the bands listed (as being influenced by Brahms) aren't "death metal", but...it's close enough.

re: Diana Ross -- Upside Down Video HQ (youtube.com) submitted by 1200mk2
1200mk2's reply 1 year ago

Probably because it's from the 70s and Stranger Things is all about the 80s.

The song is also about a woman dating a man who's cheating on her, but she doesn't care because the sex is so good.

Doesn't really fit, does it?

The Herb (youtube.com)
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