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eugene 344 days ago

That was an amazing speech.

What's absolutely insane is the reaction from the right, specifically Tucker Carlson.

Zelensky mentioned Christmas about 5 times during the speech and even ended with it but here are just two articles about Tucker's response to the speech:

Tucker Carlson Has A Total Meltdown About Zelenskyy's Speech To Congress


Tucker Carlson accuses Volodymyr Zelensky of waging a “war against Christianity”

djfrodo 345 days ago *

Zelensky killed it.

The green sweater.

The trading of flags.

The Putin joke.

And the calls to the Battle of the Bulge and X-Mas.

"I will hold".

No one on either team (Biden and Zelensky) could have imagined how well this was going to go.

Definitely Alive and Kicking