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djfrodo 6 years ago

Although the peashooter is probably the best, most of these stand out due to the bunnies relying on outside forces to finish the job.

Those where their demise is more directly due to their own actions aren't as good - the shredder being the worst.

I vote for the ark. Bunnies are just saying, "fuck it, let's read and catch some sun".

whatthefcuk 6 years ago

Straight out the The Far Side brand of humor, no doubt about it.

Love it.

buzzy 6 years ago

Some people absolutely love The Far Side and others don't.

At first glance I honestly didn't get it, but the sun/magnifying glass cell is so morbid and at the same time so funny it reminds me of The Far Side. The rabbit's idea of suicide is going to take a long time...yet the smoke rising from his head kind of says, "not as long as you think".

The picture on the wall of a happier time makes it even funnier.