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I tried to make a stylish design coffee table from an old palette that I bought at a cheap price, I smoothed the boards that I removed from the palette using the spiral machine, the thickness machine, the vibrating sander, then I cut the boards to make the desired dimensions thicker and thicker. I screwed the pair together and made a coffee table, the height of the stand was 50 cm, the diameter was 62 cm, the middle was round, the depth was 2 cm, the diameter was 33 cm, and I designed the edges of the table with a 12-bit, 2 cm wood milling machine using the milling machine. Engraved, mixed with sawdust and normal glue, and embedded glue, quite firm.
I used thick filler varnish on the top, sides and feet of the coffee table, then I made fine sandpaper, then I applied normal cellulosic varnish, then I made glass on the coffee table so that the edge patterns did not close, I shave the sharp places, the edges of the glass not sharp.

If you want, you can make a coffee table as in the video.

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