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djfrodo 1 year ago

Well, in answer to your question of:

Are French fries, the beloved food around the world, actually Belgian?

It's not even a question, of course they are really Belgian fries.

McDonalds may have figured out the honey coating that every kid in the U.S. craves...their also giving most American the die-a -beet-tus.

But people who know about real "fries" know the OG is Belgian.

I know your posting stuff in Belgum, but is you ever make it to NYC (and before these are closed forever) go here:


Are they going to be as good as the real thing? No. Are they good enough? Yes.

I'm sure there's a pizza place somewhere in France or Belgium that has good thin pizza. Will it be as good as in NYC. No. Will it be good enough? Yes.

There are actually a lot more Belgium bars that just do the basic fries and beer in NYC, but these were the two that everyone either a) me at the start of the the night or b) drunkenly ended the night.