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If you've been cognizant (and mature) over the last...10 years you might have noticed the quality of television has skyrocketed.

Gone are the days of "appointment tv". People can now binge watch an entire show over a long weekend, and television seems to be where talent is migrating.

In the last few years critics have hailed The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Wire, etc. as "the best tv show ever".

It's a bit of hyperbole, I think.

My vote would be The Twilight Zone

No show has ever come close in terms of matching it's inventiveness, writing, and cinematography in a 22-24 minute (per episode) show. Some were duds, but when The Twilight Zone was firing on all cylinders, it was great.

So, what's the best tv show of all time?

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I'm going to be "that guy" and say The Wire.

The characters are so well done, the "reality" of the show is nothing that's been seen before or since.

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