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I think the author of this can read my mind or something.

The announcement for the last season of Better Call Saul starting on April 18th was released and I was so excited I read everything I could about it...and then I realized I forgotten like 25% of the show and had to wikipedia the episode recaps.

I hadn't forgotten 25%, it was more like 40%.

From the article:

Last week the premiere date for the final season of Better Call Saul was announced: The first half is set to air on AMC starting in April, and the second half will premiere in August. At first, I was elated; this has been one of my absolute favorite shows of the past several years, the rare exercise in capitalizing on a pre-existing franchise that's actually managed to distinguish itself as a great endeavor in its own right.

But quickly, a realization set in. I have zero recollection of where the show last left off. Honestly, I'm not certain I'd be able to tell you anything plot-related that occurred throughout Season 5. That season concluded April 20, 2020 – exactly two years minus two days from the upcoming launch of Season 6.

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