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It turns out Apple has one more major hardware announcement before 2020 comes to a close: after many months of rumors, Apple today unveiled its own over-ear noise-canceling headphones. They’re called the AirPods Max, and they come with the premium design that’s expected from flagship Apple headphones. They also come with an extremely premium $549 price and are set to go on sale on December 15th. Preorders start today.

djfrodo 1 year ago *

For all of those who want to burn money and think having Apple or Beats headphones makes them cool - go nuts.

I think I'm going to stick with my $11 earbuds that plug into all the devices I already own and my AKG 240 studio headphones for desktop that cost $50 and sound 1000 times better than anything Apple makes.

0110100001100011 1 year ago

Yeah, these are a total waste of money, but there are people who really need to show that they have the latest and greatest Apple schwag. Also, they definitely sound terrible.