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Testing the effects of hyperthreading on a slightly more modern CPU
Updated video here:

Hardware used:
Intel i7 3770
Asus GeForce 1030 2GB GDDR5
Crucial MX500 SSD
(will add more info later)

00:00 Intro
00:35 Passmark CPU
00:50 Passmark Memory
00:54 7zip
00:59 Handbrake
01:05 Cinebench
01:13 Heaven
01:27 Superposition
01:43 GTA SA
02:04 GTA IV
03:11 GTA V
04:34 Portal 2
04:51 Ycruncher
05:02 Ycruncher Bargraph
05:10 Apps Bargraphs
05:27 Games Bargraphs
06:02 Outro




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0110100001100011 162 days ago *

So, it's nice to see you've worked your way up to dual cores!

I'll be really curious what's you find in about 2 to 3 generations when you'll arrive at cpu I actually use (or have used).

This one is close and it's probably still o.k. for basic web surfing or (light) web dev stuff.

Keep going. I've sure you've found some old school processor that's still (really) good for 2023 : )

edit: The Crucial mx500s aren't the bees knees anymore, but I just got a 4tb one for $200. I use them in all of my old school stuff and they've always been great, and much less than the big S.