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Oklahoma Scam (self.sports)
submitted by boyfromnyc 5 years ago

First of all I am a big fan of Baker Mayfield, and unless he somehow self destructs, I fully expect him to win the Heisman. Bases on what I have seen, he deserves it.
I do think the Louisville quarterback is worthy of consideration.

Also I have no problem with Mayfield's crotch grabbing against Kansas.
Kansas refusing to shake hands at the coin toss was bush.

However when Lincoln Riley, after announcing that Mayfield would be disciplined in the next game,
allowed Mayfields's jersey to be carried to midfield for the coin toss, he made a mockery of his

Again, I don't think Mayfield's actions against Kansas warranted discipline.

I'm not so sure about Riley's actions.

For the record, it was good theater, (and fortunately our President had nothing to say about it).

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