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Yes it is.

Here's a quote from the article:

It’s going to get a little wild. Some of the ideas seem harmless, like a shortened time between innings and a ban on mound visits unless there is a pitching change or an injury, the sort of obvious fixes that, when MLB inevitably implements them, you won’t even notice or care about. (I have never met a fan who cheers for mound visits.) But others are more radical, from a “home-plate assisted” radar tracking system for balls and strikes (robot umps!) to every relief pitcher having to face three batters, to an increased base size (which essentially shortens the immutable 90-feet distances between bases). One change, forcing two infielders to be on each side of second base on every pitch, appears to be a direct (and ill-advised) response to retired players grousing about baseball’s embrace of that defensive shift. And the most dramatic of all involves actually moving the pitching rubber back two feet in the second half of the season, which changes the physics of the game in ways that are difficult to even comprehend until you physically see it happen. (And feels like an open assault on the health of pitcher arms, by the way, asking them to throw a farther distance in the second half of the season than they did in the first half.) The idea is that it will give batters more time to react to the pitch, though some physics folks argue that in fact it’ll make it harder to hit because the ball will have more room to move now.

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