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boyfromnyc 274 days ago

And now we have a Far Left Evangelical movement.

No more need be said

boyfromnyc 273 days ago

Probably both, but I'll come down on the side of sarcasm.

I would say 100% sarcasm , except the issue is too serious.

Also , I wonder if Jonathon Swift had the same problem

eugene 273 days ago

I think you wanted to reply to my reply (below), but I get the sarcasm and the fact that this isn't something we can screw around with.

And yes, Swift, and all the greats (even Jesus) have had problems with people misunderstanding their messages ; )

eugene 273 days ago

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serious...

But I do have to say this is good news - evangelicals, one of the biggest blocks of Trump voters, seem to be getting the point that Trump needs to be removed from office.

The downside here is Christianity Today is a mainstream christian magazine in Illinois - this isn't going to do dent the ideas (or vote) of the evangelicals in the South.