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O.k. things are getting totally nuts.

Here's an except from the article, but also check out the video in the link.

A Republican US Senate candidate linked to the extremist QAnon movement has drawn flak for posting messages accusing Ruth Bader Ginsburg of upholding abortion rights to limit the growth of black and brown Americans.

Lauren Witzke, who won last week’s primary to contest the Democratic-held seat in Delaware, also wrote on Twitter that her Democratic opponent Chris Coons, who supports abortion rights, was a “Christian-hating baby killer”.

“I’m coming for your seat, satanist," she said.

edit: Apparently she was also a meth head who... ran drugs for cartels in exchange for birth certificates?

Witzke, a 31-year-old Delaware native, earned an undergraduate business management degree at Delaware’s private Goldey-Beacom College. By 2016, though, she was addicted to opioids and methamphetamine and living in Tennessee.

In interviews she’s given to other media outlets and podcasts, Witzke has claimed to have worked for Mexican drug cartels or “cartel families” as a “low-end drug-runner” or drug dealer transporting drugs between Detroit and Tennessee.

“I was running drugs, actually, for the Mexican cartels,” Witzke told a Delaware radio station in May.

Witzke claims that she also bought identifying documents like birth certificates from other drug users before trading them to the “cartel families” who employed her in exchange for more drugs, in what’s now become part of her pitch for a decade-long immigration ban.

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