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From the article: On Friday morning, the president tweeted that if Democrats refuse to fund his wall, he will engineer a massive recession (that would all but insure Democratic victory in 2020) — because he is under the impression that the United States would “profit” by closing its southern border to all commerce, since the U.S. runs a trade deficit with Mexico

And no, this is not from The Onion

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zonafiscally 232 days ago

So basically, he will not sign a stop-gap spending bill unless his proposed border wall on the US-Mexico border is funded... Great move :\

djfrodo 231 days ago

Yeah, we're not in Kansas anymore. We basically elected a reality show host as POTUS who has no idea what:

1) a trade deficit is

2) that tariffs are pretty much a poison pill for all involved

3) that Mexico is the 4th largest trading partner with the US

I think we're...kind of fucked. January 3rd can't come soon enough, but even then Cheeto Mussolini will be even more disruptive, just to distract his cult like "base".

It's going to be a looooong 2 years.