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Talk about a complete abuse of power and a move that's directly against the first amendment and so unconstitutional it's really rather breath taking.

From the article:

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee voted on Thursday to expel two Democratic legislators who joined a protest on the House floor last week after a deadly school shooting in Nashville.

On March 30, protesters gathered at the State Capitol, and Democratic Reps. Justin Jones, Gloria Johnson and Justin Pearson led a chant of "power to the people" from the House floor.

On Thursday, lawmakers first voted 72-25 to expel Jones, 27, one of the youngest members of the legislature. The resolution to expel Johnson failed by one vote, 65 to 30. But Pearson, 28, was also expelled, in a 69-26 vote. The GOP supermajority had accused the representatives of breaking house rules on conduct and decorum.

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djfrodo 167 days ago

Gee, I wonder what the difference is between the two who were expelled and the one who wasn't.

djfrodo 163 days ago

And...Justin Jones is back

Pearson should be next : )

OP eugene 167 days ago

The racism on display here is so out of control I can't believe it.

Here's the hearing at 5:15:35