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From the article:

Newly-elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is scheduled to speak next year at a Christian anti-transgender conference held at a life-size recreation of Noah's Ark.

The article explains:

According to the website of Answers for Genesis, a Christian apologetics ministry that runs a Creation Museum and a full-scale version of Noah's Ark from the biblical story, the organization currently plans for Johnson and his wife, Kelly, to speak at its "Reclaim: Answers for Women 2024 Weekday Conference" on April 3rd.

The article then goes on to explain:

The event's online page says that the central theme of the event is to fight back against the "cultural war on women" and the growing acceptance of transgender women in the US. Only women are allowed to attend the event, where they will "learn how to reclaim God's good design for women and overcome the war on women that threatens to overtake us," according to the event's page.

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