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I guess it's nice they're blatantly open about it now...I just wonder if anyone is watching or listening.

From the article:

"Traditionally it's always been Republicans suppressing votes in places," said Clark. "Let's start protecting our voters. We know where they are... Let's start playing offense a little bit. That's what you’re going to see in 2020."

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djpsql 273 days ago

It seems they're (and have been) basically targeting voters and protecting others and want to ramp that practice up.

Here's another quote from the article:

One Wisconsin Now deputy director Mike Browne expressed his outrage over the remarks and the alleged strategy.

"The strategy to rig the rules in elections and give themselves an unfair partisan advantage goes to Donald Trump, the highest levels of his campaign and the top Republican leadership," said Browne. "It's clear there's no law Donald Trump and his right-wing machine won't bend, break, or ignore to try to win the presidency."

Dan Froomkin, editor of Press Watch, said that Clark's comments showed that the GOP plans to go beyond suppressing the vote and "will now supplement with aggressive voter intimidation at polls."