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I thought this was a joke...but it's one of the more tasteless things FOX news has ever come up with to attack a candidate for the President of the United States that its masters oppose.

From the article:

Asked by Fox anchor Sandra Smith if President Trump will “change his messaging” and stop “downplaying” the coronavirus moving forward now that he has dealt with it personally, Perrine [director of press communications for the Trump campaign] touted the importance of “firsthand experience.”

“Firsthand experience is always going to change how someone relates to something that’s been happening,” she said. “The president has coronavirus right now. He is battling it head on, as toughly, as only President Trump can. And of course that’s going to change the way that he speaks of it because it will be a firsthand experience.”

When Smith pressed Perrine to explain why the pandemic has taken a backseat to the economy and “law and order” in the Trump campaign’s messaging, the aide insisted that he’s “talked about coronavirus as well.”

“He’s talked about it all,” she continued. “And listen, he has experience as commander-in-chief, he has experience as a businessman, he has experience, now, fighting the coronavirus as an individual. Those firsthand experiences, Joe Biden, he doesn’t have those.”

Lumping in contracting COVID-19 with the president’s record of “creating jobs” and serving a commander-in-chief, Perrine concluded, “Those firsthand experiences are what are going to get President Trump four more years. So of course he talks about it differently now that he has lived through it.”

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boyfromnyc 1 year ago

At first reading, I thought it was the Onion

eugene 1 year ago

When I first saw a mention of this I didn't believe it either, but just for fun...I looked it up.

I was absolutely shocked, but then...not so much.

This is FOX, the channel that reported on something Trump did (I think it might have been the "grab by the pussy" tape release) and then Neil Cavuto instantly cut to a brutal car crash - a total non sequitur - saying, "And in California..."

Fox News is evil.

drtom 1 year ago

Simply Incredible! But then Joe also doesn't have first hand experience at paying to have sex with a porn star.