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These shots are simply wonderful; click on links on the bottom for more collections.

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djfrodo 4 years ago

These are all amazing but it's the first shot, and the one of the guy on a scooter that interest me the most.

In the first the depth of field captured in focus is better than any photograph I've ever seen.

There are four layers - the distance (with seemingly two vanishing points), the far (the buildings), the near (cars and a bus - both caught in motion), and the close (the street).

It also caught the rain.

I have zero idea how this was taken, if anyone does please chime in.

The shot of the guy on the scooter is remarkable. In most long exposure shots the camera doesn't move. In this one it's the background that's blurred (even if it's just a little) but the rider is in focus (somewhat). It's the opposite of what most photographers would (or could) do.