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It's been a rather bad week for the hard right.

From the article:

Airing the audio, Melber explains that when Bartiromo asks Cruz who would eventually decide who gets inaugurated under his plan, “Cruz answers that this fake, made up, so-called commission that he and his Trump buddies were planning to try to create to bureaucratize a coup—and that’s what they were trying to do—that was his answer, that’s how they would steal this race.”

The claims in the recording add detail to previous statements made by the Texas Republican—who the same day as his phone call with Bartiromo released a statement outlining a bare-bones plan to challenge the 2020 election results on Jan. 6.

Cruz subsequently blasted MSNBC’s coverage Tuesday, tweeting: “This @msnbc is breathlessly reporting that I ‘secretly’ said in a phone call…the EXACT same thing I said on national television the next morning! And then said again on the Senate floor four days later.”

The best part is the last line of the article:

Grossberg said in a separate interview on MSNBC Tuesday that she has at least 90 more unaired recordings that she needs to review.

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