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So, let me get this straight...

A 17 year old from Illinois crosses state lines into Wisconsin with an ar-15, has a confrontation with BLM protesters, shoots three of them, killing two, and is not arrested on the spot by police who drive by while people are screaming "He shot some one".

This 17 year old stops and tells someone, on his phone, what he had just done:

This kid literally held an assault weapon in the air and walked towards an armored vehicle, which drove by him and the two cops in the car didn't stop to think, "Hey, there's a kid with an ar-15, we should probably talk to him".

And...then there's this:

Not long before Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Illinois who was with a self-described "local militia" throughout Tuesday night’s deadly protests, allegedly killed two people and injured a third with gunfire, video shows law enforcement giving Rittenhouse water and telling his group “We appreciate you guys, we really do.”

Said 17 year old then fled back to Illinois before he was arrested.

America, we are fucked.

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