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From the article:

Donald Trump‘s administration has rolled back nondiscrimination healthcare protections for women and transgender people by reversing a rule that would prevent healthcare workers and insurance companies that receive federal funds from refusing to provide services like abortion or gender-affirming care.

The rule changes could allow health providers to deny coverage and care to women and transgender people, as the nation is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic.

They also arrive in the middle of Pride month on the anniversary of the Pulse massacre, when 49 people were gunned down inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

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grotted 2 years ago

“Did Obama do it? Did it help Americans? Ok let’s undo that.”

eugene 2 years ago *

The whole administration is a knee jerk reaction to the US having its first black president.

Trump has tried, and been somewhat successful, at rolling back anything and everything Obama did, including simple stuff, like...outlawing lead in bullets.

Check the environment headcycle for Trumps latest rollbacks - it's like he wants to kill the planet.