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I've probably said this before, but we've entered The Twilight Zone.

From the article:

Given the above, it may not sound completely implausible that, during a recent tirade, Trump threatened to sue his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, according to CNN and the Washington Post.

Both CNN, which cites three sources familiar with the call, and the Post, which cites two, note that it isn’t clear how serious Trump intended his threat. We can safely assume the lawsuit will not proceed. The question is whether Trump actually intended the suit as a threat, even a momentary one, or was merely employing a figure of speech to communicate his displeasure.

Obviously, even in the sanest version of this episode, it’s fairly bonkers for Trump to be lashing out at Parscale for showing Trump bad polling numbers. Trump’s polls have been bad throughout his presidency, and they’ve gotten especially bad because he spent weeks on-camera loudly insisting that the massive pandemic sweeping the planet would be harmless, then badly botched the government response, and most recently asked his science advisers, again on-camera, to investigate treatments involving sunlight or disinfectant inside the body.

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