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I think it's time Bernie steps aside.

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mocachinno 242 days ago

Not my comment, but truly my thoughts:

"Genuinely makes me sad that the leading figure of the American progressive movement is an old ass guy in his 70s that’s having heart problems, with any potential successors to that image being either not as good, or too young and inexperienced."

eugene 242 days ago

After Biden...being...well...Biden (and his eye exploding on national TV during the debate) in addition to Bernie's age and medical problems I think the mainstream democrat and the progressive candidate is/are screwed.

Yes, there's Warren but I don't think mouth breathers in the south or old school voters in the midwest can, once again, vote for a woman.

I just wish Bernie was 20 years younger.

Even if he was we're all going to hear a lot of "Socialists are evil!" rhetoric, and I think Cheeto Mussolini has a good chance of winning again.

With that said, I think voting for Warren is the best course of action.