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If you know me, I LOVE death metal with a passion. I've also picked up playing the piano. Unfortunately, I can't find any piano tabs for death metal songs at all. Just the Metallica/ACDC/GnR/Kiss etc stuff. So can you help a headbanging girl out by finding (or making, heh heh) some death metal piano tabs for yours truly?

1200mk2 3 years ago *

O.k. so, metal is not my thing. It just isn't.

But...check this out:

Personally, most of the musicians that I've met and that I admire, whether they be rock guitarists, hip-hop djs, classical fans, etc. all of them, at some some point, come to Brahms.

Here's a little taste from the article:

While the baroque period seems to be particularly fertile ground for heavy metal musings, the Romantics, who were certainly no strangers to dark ruminations, chromaticism, virtuosity and over-the-top drama, certainly provide fodder for modern-day metal. Here's Rachel Barton Pine explaining how Brahms's Violin Concerto in D minor influenced everyone from Van Halen to Scorpions.

So, don't worry about "death metal piano tabs"'s already been done, about 150 years ago, and it was a "Classical" guy who did it.

Seriously, I know it sounds weird, but Brahms is the man.

Check him out.

p.s. I know the bands listed (as being influenced by Brahms) aren't "death metal",'s close enough.

OP deathcorefuriosa 3 years ago

I get the whole classical thing, but I'm more of a Latin/pop girl. I played piano for a Mexican wedding once. And yes, I want to be able to completely mangle my keyboard by banging all the keys in tune. How can you convert guitar tabs to piano tabs? There's loads of guitar tabs when it comes to death metal.