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Fascinating look at online music streaming services and those who will not bend to its demands (the other was Prince).

Following the story down the rabbit hole - here's a huge reason why artists are completely wary of the music industry

The industry started with producers ripping off jazz musicians and its pretty much continued unabated through services like Columbia House and now online streaming like Spotify.

budwhite 865 days ago

p.s. Hit Men basically laid out how the music industry worked in the past (70s - 80s).

What's weird is how the book as been treated since.

Here's the only wikipedia entry about it, yet it was (supposedly) one of Billboard's 100 best of all time.

From wikipedia:

Fredric Dannen is an American journalist and author. He is best known for his landmark book Hit Men: Powerbrokers and Fast Money Inside the Music Business (1990), which investigated the behind-the-scenes dealings of the major American record labels in the 1970s and 1980s, focussing on the careers of leading CBS Records executives Walter Yetnikoff and Dick Asher. Hit Men came in second on Billboard_(magazine) list of "100 Greatest Music Books of All Time".

Go father into the past and there's the original mac daddy of them all - payola

If you think you want a career in the music industry, turn back now kids, it's not for you.

Not to be totally depressing - see this

You'll see someone from Friends you may recognize...