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What do you think? Be sure to check out '68, 78, 88.

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nash 1 year ago

All depends on when you were having all those great new experiences in life that you could accompany with music.
For me one of those was 92-94, it just seemed like house tunes were never better:

Blast - Crazy Man (1994)
You know a tune's good when 9 minutes is not long enough.

Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (1993)
Possibly the greatest bassline ever committed to tape (or disk). Although apparently not the original.

Hardrive - Deep Inside (1993)
Wouldn't generally recommend or promote drugs to anyone any more, but fuck, this on E was mind bending.

Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix) by Energy 52 (1993)
I think this remix is later, I'm not sure there is a version that has really managed to pull out the full majesty of the underlying tune though better than this.

djfrodo 1 year ago *

I would say 1968 through about 1971 was the greatest time period for what most people consider "rock music".

Without a doubt 1989 through 1993 was the golden age of hip hop

As for jazz...I think 1958 through 1960 would be first, culminating with Kind of Blue, the most successful jazz album of all time.

Jazz did continue to amaze until about 1975 when everyone went electric.

As for the years that were the most eclectic I'd say 1978 - you have disco, punk, and the early years of hip hop. 1991 also works. It had the most bizarre collection of popular hits - grunge, hip hop, neo soul, indie rock, pop, and something new called "electronica" or "dance music".

Rock part 2 would be 1954 to 1958 when it really became popular. I can't imagine what it would have been like to hear this weird new music that made teenagers and their parent loose their minds - for very different reasons.

I'd also give an honorable mention to 1939 and 1925-1928

As for the greatest year ever? I have no idea. I'd probably go for 1968 or 1978.