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drtom 15 days ago

The lessons of the Muppets will be aroung for a long, long time. Thank goodness. They just keep getting better.

OP djfrodo 15 days ago *

What's so clever about this is Sam The Eagle's transformation.

At the start he's put in the spotlight and is reading the script.

He then says "jungle boogie" in different intonations - some indignant, some questioning, some just reading.

He then gets offended and says "This is absurd I refuse to jungle boogie" and walks off screen.

10 seconds later he says "No! I said I will not jungle boogie!" and continues to object to the whole idea.

Then - he slowly warms to the idea, and the transformation begins.

First, he dances.

Then he's in pink sunglasses and a boa.

Then he's wearing NOLA beads and has a tie around his head (probably more Sam The Eagle's speed).

Then he's got a lampshade on his head and is waving glow sticks.

Then he's wearing sunglasses, has a flower in his hair, and he's wearing a coconut bra.

Then he's wearing crazier sunglasses, a straw hat, and playing maracas in a hawaiian Lei.

He then falls, seemingly drunk, onto other muppets to the horror of Animal, and then wakes up and is being kicked out of a bar.

He then asks - "What exactly is in a Mai Tai anyway?"

This shit is genius.