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WARNING: If you like music videos, this post will waste a lot of your time

#10 The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

Billy Coragan et al. basically remade Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès (1902), but they did it really well.

#9 Nine Inch Nails - Closer (director's cut)

Do you need a horror film that's about 4 minutes and 45 second, complete with pigs heads, naked women, cockroaches, and weird breathing organs?


But, the production of this video is so good it's hard to look away. Not for the faint of heart.

If this is something you find interesting then here's a whole movie with the same vibe

#8 Four Tet - Smile Around the Face

There's so much going on in this (in something that seems so simple) that one could miss that it's basically a visual representation of one chapter of "A Day in the Life" - but with a divorce, drug use, and a single dad.

#7 Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

A sci-fi flick in 3 minutes that references 2001. The track itself is probably one of the best in the 2010s. The problem is, it's too short.

#6 OKGO - Inside Out & Upside Down

The idea of shooting a music video at zero g seems like a great idea, until you actually have to do it. This is, by far, the most impressive on the list for how far a band will go to get a take.

Here's a link with some of the makings of:

#5 Queen and David Bowie - Under Pressure

German expressionism, lots of kissing, planned detonations, and a lot of people walking around.

This is one of the best singles ever made, and they wrote it in 24 hours on a coke binge.

#4 Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

There are many stop motion videos and short films, but this was way ahead of it's time. The track is pure pop, but the visuals are so impressive you kind of forget it's really about a guy basically saying I want to be the guy who fucks your brains out (in a weirdly nice way).

#3 Michael Jackson - Thriller

This was probably the first long form video made for MTV. If you mix Night of the Living Dead with cheesy 80s horror, great dance moves, and pop - this is what you get. Also a big homage to An American Werewolf in London.

Vincent Price seals the deal.

Directed by John Landis.

#2 Kanye West - Run Away

Kanye West is a dick - but he makes incredible music. Not just that, he made a 34 minute female (bird) version of The Man Who Fell to Earth, complete with one of the best singles of the past 10 years.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

#1 The Beatles - A Day in the Life

Enough has been written about this..but what's really overlooked is they made a music video that's...trippy.

Strawberry Fields was a close second.

Honorable Mentions: Sabotage, Doo-Wop (That Thing), Freedom! ’90, Video Killed the Radio Star, Take On Me

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drtom 4 years ago

Love the song "A Day in the Life" with or without the video.