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Absolute classic. So good I have it twice on vinyl in case one wears out 😂

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1200mk2 22 days ago

Nice one, but man, the main sample (Skull Snaps - It's A New Day - 1973) has been put into so many battle records, sample packs, and even built in sounds in software like FL Studio and Reason that it now sounds so dated.

In 1995 it was cool as hell, and yes it was in The Matrix, but wow this one got beaten to death.

Don't get me wrong it's still a good track, but it's kind of like the Amen break - it was so good that everyone used it (not as much as the Amen break, but you get my point).

What saves it are the strings, synths, and the weird production.


Fair enough, agree the matrix mainstreamed it, but I had my 2 copies many years before, and it was absolutely a gem before it was used more widely. I discovered it from the film (it's a soundtrack/score, film of the same nane) and loved my underground French cinema at the time. It's so much more than a tune the matrix used. And again, the samples were only used in sample packs long after. All it really does is date it IMO.

But I'd defend this one to my grave so I'm biased.