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This is like 9 minutes long and it takes 3 minutes and 8 seconds before it takes off (yes I timed it), but when it's does it's incredible. They actually do the break twice and both are so, so good.

I'm amazed they made this and released it. I'm amazed at the production and just how good it is.

Every time I listen to it I get more and more excited in the first three minutes knowing what's about to happen. I used to be impatient and just skip to the good part but now I'm a fan of the build up. Weird, that sounds like I'm talking about sex.

Actually...this is a little bit of aural sex.

If you have the patience you'll be rewarded.

new 6 years ago

This track is so good. When the break hits it's an instant dance party. Then they do it again.

I think they're sort of channeling The Talking Heads.