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Howie B - Breathe In (
submitted by djfrodo 29 days ago
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dubnobasswithmyhead 29 days ago

Ah nice, got this on vinyl but haven't played it in over a decade! I love The Wiseguys – The Real Vibes and whatever the last one on b is that has a sample saying "well, she's a little strange" 😂

In fact I've a couple of mixes where I just riff in and out of the tunes on this, interspersed with some cypress hill and bobby digital (rza). Beautiful compilation but tricky to mix with.

OP djfrodo 22 days ago

At the height of the "downtempo breakbeat" era this was a breath of fresh air.

The mix is really weird - it's really open, yet the beats hit, and the synth is kind of like a lead guitar.

Howie did this because he had a baby (well, his wife/significant other did) and I applaud him for not going for the dance floor.

He made music about his life, sampled his new kid, and put it into a track that's kind of shockingly good.

dubnobasswithmyhead 17 days ago

Haha aight, I found the old breakbeat mix that has some tunes from this collection in, and I had a listen and it has this one!

Forgive the "after hours" mixing (lol) but not intended as self promo anyway. And whatever the fuck tune 2 is/was/mistake. Also this was on cassette tape so not a great recording (am I selling it yet?). Just good tunes from good times that you've reminded me of.

OP djfrodo 16 days ago

Listening now (only about half way through) and this is really impressive.

Your mixing skills are top notch, but I bet you knew that.

It was always interesting to me how some djs just went nuts for cutting and scratching while others were all about mixing.

The first seems more impressive but really it's the second, when done well, that I really love.

I haven't thought about The Herbaliser in such a long time!

Blow Your Headphones was one of my favs back in the day.

There are so many tracks that I used to own on vinyl that I can't even remember the names of : )

Good stuff, thanks for posting.

dubnobasswithmyhead 16 days ago

Herbaliser Blow Your Headphones was incredible yeah, I had fun teasing The Blend on this one. Mixing is embarrassing mostly but I know I can be better/have done better on other mixes.

There are so many tracks that I used to own on vinyl that I can't even remember the names of : )

Same here. For some reason I don't have this mix (or the other breakbeat one) on my computer so completely forgot it existed until I found I'd put it on mixcloud at some point! I still have the plastic buried in crates somewhere but also forgot about a number of the tunes. That RZA album, the Howie B compilation you reminded me of. Memory lane!